From a wee blether to a total guddle…

…thick end of the Weegie (Scots’ll understand that)… from the LUVLY Barb Taub… enjoy… Master Gallacher is available at a modest fee for translation services…

Barb Taub

I’m in a total guddle.

See, I might live in Scotland, but this is what I live here for. I’ve gone along all these years without once knowing that I’m in a total guddle [confused mess] , let alone owning it like Glasgowdragonfly does.

The hotel room was a bit of a guddle after Kate's hen party in Glasgow...The hotel room was a wee guddle after Fiona’s hen party in Glasgow…

Since we moved up here from England just as I was starting to get a handle on the whole separated by a common language thing, I’ve started to document a new vocabulary. Luckily, I have an expert tutor in the form of the receptionist at a nearby medical office. I’m completely smitten because she says och and aye and every noun is modified by wee. When I call, I always have a pencil ready to write down everything she says so I can look up translations when we hang up. Take, for example, today’s conversation:


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7 responses to “From a wee blether to a total guddle…

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog! Next time you’re in town, I’ll get football tickets and you can translate. (I’d say I’ll buy the beer, but I’ve been around enough Weegie’s now to know better…)

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  2. You’ll have to offer a university degree Seumas!

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  3. That was great. I had no idea it was that differnt. 🙂

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