…Authors… ’chocolate’ is usually the answer, regardless of the question… right?…

…it evolution had dictated I was to become a ‘gym rat’, then surely this ol’ Jurassic would have been born on top of a ton of exercise equipment and be sporting four grey/black paws and a long stringy tail?… oh, sure, over the years, I’ve fallen into the trap of investing hard cash into my very own special torture machine, a.k.a. ‘treadmill’ for home use… it got about as much usage as a politician’s guidebook to honesty… the guy who eventually bought it from me, for about 2% of the price I paid for it, had to clear away the cobwebs before transporting the contraption off to his own dungeon… in latter years , I also tried ‘jogging’, which yielded about as much success as yon Master Canute in turning back the tide… after about fourteen seconds of the first attempt at that particular activity, a measured (read, ’slow’) walk ensued forever thereafter… comes now the scribbler’s dilemma… how to maintain anything approaching even a small amount of fitness and (ssshhh) weight-control when seated  for great spans of time glued to yer Mac?… applewhich same Apple Mac, by the way, frequently vies with the McDonald’s Macmcd for yer attention… my favourite typing tipple is Diet Coke… but unhappily, it’s by the tanker-load, but hey, yeez‘ve got to die of sum’thing, right?… might as well be sum’thing yeez like… but, as in all the best narratives, there is a magic ‘silver bullet’… the enigma gets solved, the senses appeased… yes, yeez’ve guessed it… ’chocolate’ is usually the answer, regardless of the question… right?… no more immediate example occurred than just a few moments ago, when I opened the computer… a small collection of chocolates just ‘happened’ to be parked at the left of the desk… don’t ask me how they got there, officer… I just WURK here, honest… one was not gonna do me any harm, nor the second that followed it… next thing I knew, when I looked at the box…it was empty!… I’m thinking of calling the police, to see if they can throw any light on who may have stolen the rest of the contents, beneath my very nose… I hear this crime afflicts lotsa quill-scrapers, so be careful, it’s a confectionery jungle out there, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!...



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19 responses to “…Authors… ’chocolate’ is usually the answer, regardless of the question… right?…

  1. Seems the treadmill really is the torture device of choice. I know so many people who bought it and re-purposed it as an ‘open air closet’. It looks so pretty with all the dresses hanging on it.

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  2. Chocolate is a necessary writing tool. I never write without it! xo

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  3. Chocolate is a necessity for sure. (Coffee can be added to my list.) I can relate to the treadmill, since I have one adorning a wall in my dungeon/ basement.

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  4. yes, seumas. chocolate is the correct answer to most any question.

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  5. Home exercise equipment does make a dandy clothes rack. When we were little, my friend and I used to get on the seat of her dad’s rowing machine and slide back and forth on the rails. It was in their basement,, and I never saw her dad use it. We had fun with it though. 🙂

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  6. chocolate, coffee, a back-rub from my wife and 42 🙂

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  7. laurie27wsmith

    All of these pieces of tortur…… exercise equipment are made to fold up, so they can be stored under the bed. Where they stay until the next yard sale after a fortnight of use. 🙂 Chocolate? yep, it gets stolen here too.

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  8. Chocolate is actually brain food. It stimulates the sumthing cortex which in turn helps you to write. This is a well known scientific fact that I just made up. *pass the green & black*

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