…SOSYAL NETWURKIN learner, teach thyself!…

…it’s not often this ol’ Jurassic is able to claim first hand experience of anything WURTHwhile… however, all false modesty aside, the combination of my vintage and late-coming to the glees of being an Author lends itself to a hint of credibility… the fact that I didn’t pick up the Scribblers Virus until after the Fire Brigade had doused the candle-fire on my 60th birthday cake means that I came to the literary gig with none of the conventional ‘luggage’ of the last half-century of publishing practice… in essence, I’m a child of the eBook phenomenon… a kindakicking-on-a-bit-child, maybe, but one with a clear, virginal approach to this new Age of Biblio… my first-ever laptop purchase was made only six years ago, in order to tap out the initial book in the Jack Calder crime thriller series, one finger from each hand at a time… the way I still do it… I knew NUTHIN, nada, zippo, rien, zero, nil, nowt about the mysteries of the Mac…


…I hardly understood how to switch the bluudy thing on… and there are still mysterious bits on there that defy my wee gray cells… the joys of childlike discovery have included how to ‘save’ a just-typed passage… how to use the ‘mouse-thingy’ to scroll down a page, rather than running it up and down manually (that went on for eight months before sumb’dy pointed it out to me… sniggering behind their hand, of course)… six years ago, ‘Amazon’ was a river in South America and a name for a certain type of lady… ‘Kindle’ to me meant bundles of twigs to start fire with… ’SOSYAL NETWURKIN’ translated as corporate cocktail parties… and ‘E’-books were probably sum’thing between ‘D’-books and ‘F’-books… go figure… and a ‘blog’?… well, go wash yer mouth out, Mister…


…so what happened?… what happened was that I was compelled to teach myself how all this quill-scraping sorcery actually WURKED…  painful in many aspects, yes, but, truly, the most enjoyable educational enterprise I’ve ever been privileged to undertake…

heartand why am I sharing with yeez all now, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land?… coz, the wunnerful diaspora of writers on the internet constantly confide with me that many of yeez face similar conundra in grappling with being a writer in the evolving universe that is publishing nowadays… take heart, if this ol’ bustard (correct spelling, Mabel) can do it, so can any of the rest of yeez… to plagiarise/parody the phrase of ‘Physician, heal thyself!’, …SOSYAL NETWURKIN learner, teach thyself!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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5 responses to “…SOSYAL NETWURKIN learner, teach thyself!…

  1. I’ve always heard we should listen to the voice of experience, Seumas, and you are one of them, so I’m listening. We all should. 🙂

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  2. We’re never too old to learn something new. Thank goodness!

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  3. Lovin’ the ‘toons, Seumas. 🙂


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