Fear of Big Feet

…just HAD to reblog this wunnerful post from my pal, Pamela Wight… …what a terrific post… it occurs to me she may wanna do a neat get-together with her daughter and her granddaughter… she reads the story to her daughter, and her daughter in turn reads it again to her own daughter, two readings in one sitting… be a great evening I bet…B ucket List stuff :):)


Cinderella, DisneyCan you think back to the first book you ever read?

Here I am, my 4-year-old self, on the green-carpeted floor, the sun pouring over me like water over a flower. I coo with pleasure as the sunlight highlights the pictures on my skinny “Golden” book with pages ruffled from turning them so many times.

The spine is broken, but I don’t care. I caress the cover of a beautiful lady with golden hair, a pink bow-shaped mouth, and a soft blue dress that fits tightly on her body until it opens wide and flows down to her toes.

I squeal the title out loud.

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3 responses to “Fear of Big Feet

  1. That was a sweet story Pamela and I enjoyed it. Thanks, Seumas for reblogging it. 🙂

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  2. What a pleasure to be included here in your most-excellent blog, Seumas. THANK you. xoxo


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