…Authors… best to try not to take ourselves too seriously…

…this ol’ Jurassic is starting to sound more and more like Methuselah ev’ry day, I know, Mabel… but, heck, when yeez get to a certain vintage, yeez are allowed to rabbit on about some things… many years ago, sumb’dy told me, ‘take yer job seriously, take yer profession seriously, take yer career seriously… in essence, take yer WURK seriously… but heaven forfend yeez should ever take yerself too seriously’… sound advice… now, I’m not trying to give yeez the Miss WURLD candidates’, I wanna save the planet and ev’rybody in it’ pitch of naiveté, but there’s a ton of merit in keeping things real… the ability to laff at myself has saved my Scottish a*se on so many occasions… and believe me there have been plenty of opportunities over the years to make a fool of me and my antics… right now, I’m ecstatically immersed with Crooked Cat Publishing in the process of the relaunch of the first two titles in my Jack Calder crime thriller series, which will re-establish the whole back list on to the markets, including the Great God Amazon Kindle and all its worthy outlets… there’s an Online Launch Party for that all day this Friday, 13th March, to which yeez are all invited… click through here and yeez are aboard :


party cover

…so, back to my point… of course I take the whole nine yards of the Launch, the books, the blogging, the razzmatazz, the hype, seriously as part of the continual ‘business of writing’ I hammer on about constantly… but, and here’s the rub… I’m having a blast doing all of this!… it’s fun being engaged in the banter with so many great pals across the Web… so what if it’s only a microcosm of the entire scribblers’ universe?… it’s ours!… will it make me a millionaire?… will it do a trillion sales?… will it get on to Oprah’s lists?… frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn… hey, that would make a great punchline sum’where… seriously!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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10 responses to “…Authors… best to try not to take ourselves too seriously…

  1. rohini99

    And fortunately as always, ‘tomorrow is another day…’

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  2. I totally agree, Seumas. 🙂

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  3. Go ahead and prove Friday 13th is a nonsense and have a ball Seumus. I hope you do manage a trillion sales and a slot on Oprah just so I can record it and tell everyone ‘I knew him when….’
    At our age having a laugh at ourselves is often by way of apology for some silly slip so keeping the SoH handy is a necessity.

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  4. Take ourselves seriously? Are you talking to me? Really????

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  5. ctfranklin28

    Reblogged this on This College Dropout.

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