…male-writer-‘Flu… worse than man-‘Flu?…

…never having lived through the Bubonic Plague in the late 1600s in Europe, this ol’ Jurassic has little or no benchmark reference points as to how that particular affliction impacts the human body… similarly, having come into this WURLD a few years prior to the introduction of the National Health Service in the UK, I’m oblivious to the treatment of the various ailments scourging the nation in the mid-40s… my infant medical experience stretches to numerous injections, commonly referred to by we Scottish kids as ‘jags’


…mostly delivered to me as part of a long line of crying children in school, baring a skinny defenceless arm for the visiting nurses and doctors, hell-bent on filling us with anti-scarlet fever, anti-chickenpox, anti-polio, anti-mumps, anti-tuberculosis, and anti-just-about-everything-else-yeez-could-think-of back in the early 1950s… no such medication was available for the ubiquitous common cold nor the ‘flu, in its various forms… given the pre-smokefree days in the major conurbations, smog was a regular health hazard, with attendant respiratory and asthmatic complaints… sum’how, most of we kids survived much of that tsunami of plagues… so how the heck is it that this ol’ carcass gets banjaxxed with sum’thing as daft as a wee dose of ‘flu?


…being part of the male species, of course, this affects me more than it would say, any female on the planet (right, guys?)… regardless if it’s only one of those 24-hour whacks, it does seem to hit we sturdy menfolk harder… and I’d posit that as a subset, we male writers get it even worse… smacked full force in the paragraphs… debilitated commas and afflicted indented chaptering… vulnerable similes, metaphors, elisions, semi-colons, gratuitous parentheses… all stricken low… where is the antidote when yeez need it?… is the World Health Organisation not aware of how badly it attacks we masculine scribblers?… right, Mabel, I shall soldier on bravely… pass me the aspirin… boil up some hot lemon… oh, and a warm compress for the fevered brow won’t go amiss either… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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17 responses to “…male-writer-‘Flu… worse than man-‘Flu?…

  1. Poor little bunny! Get well soon, Seumas! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbmbMSrsZVQ
    (Hoping this flu isn’t spread through your blog since I’ll be guest blogging here all week … 🙂 )

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  2. I hope your afflicted indents are soon fixed. 🙂 my sympathy. Im just getting over a minging cold, myself.

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  3. Get well soon. Flu begone! (ancient chant)

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  4. Sorry to hear the flu found you Seumas. I hope you’re well soon. I have every confidence you will be as I know nothing keeps you inactive for long. You simply won’t stand for it. 🙂

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  5. A hot toddy seems to work nicely… though personally I’m happier without the lemon and hot water. 😉 Get well Seumas 🙂

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  6. Chicken Soup and a good round of Jack Calder action will set you to rights! Hope you feel better!!!

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  7. I’m sorry Seumas. We can complain together. I came down with a nasty head cold yesterday, and it’s only gotten worse. However, I’m just thankful that it is not the flu. I know you feel even worse.
    … It seems only yesterday I was overstocked with cans of chicken soup… Now they’ve all disappeared somewhere. Of course there is an ice storm, so I’ll have a heart and not call for anything to be delivered. o_O Hugs to you — and pass the tissue. 😀

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