…of all the Blogs in all the WURLD, yeez had to walk into mine…


Master H. Bogart paraphrased the caption above ‘way back in 1942, with his unforgettable portrayal in Casablanca… even as far back as that, the imponderable element of chance meetings loomed large in peoples’ lives… fast forward to the internet era… chance meetings frequently occur in the virtual sense… the guise they often take is the splendid mechanism of Guest Posts… my wee Blog has notched up an astonishing 1,100 posts since it came into being, not so much screaming and shouting its presence to yeez all, more of a muttered ‘hello, there, how’s it going?’… and part of its own evolving, maturing shape has been the welter of wunnerful quill-scrapers who’ve taken time to come visit and lend their penmanship to its portals… bogartMaster Bogart’s companion of the silver screen on that Moroccan Movie, the gracious Ms I. Bergman, has since movie-d on to The-Great-Big-Film-Studio-In-The-Sky in 1982, and is therefore unlikely to make an appearance on this Blog anytime soon… (but yeez never know—watch this space)…ingrid instead, the Who’s Who of Lads and Lassies of Blog Land already lured on here over the recent few years reads like a roll call of the Scribblers’ Rich and Famous, as well as the Authors’ Indigent and Notorious as I’ve rounded up my own collection of the usual suspects… yeez know who yeez are, I shan’t label yeez independently… and what a kaleidoscopic depth of colour and diversity yeez have made my privilege to host… in continuance of that theme, here comes my regular commercial: yeez are all invited to come and Guest Post with this blog anytime yeez like… there are NO ROOLS… except no gratuitously offensive material… all else is open page… write as much as yeez want… length, content, pics, links to yer masterpieces, bios… it’s for yeez to use as yeez see fit… get yer name and yer WURK seen by a wider readership… yeez can pitch stuff at me on my email at seumasgallacher@yahoo.com… and if any of yeez do happen to have a direct line to either Master Bogart or Ms Bergman, I’d be happy to give then a ring… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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24 responses to “…of all the Blogs in all the WURLD, yeez had to walk into mine…

  1. Here’s lookin’ at ya, Seumas!

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  2. Seamus, as always I love your writings and ramblings 🙂 and of course Master H. Bogart. A true classic. Thanks for all you do and especially for the offer of guest blogging. Have a truly #AWEsome day.

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  3. If Bogie or Bergman dropped by, wouldn’t “you” be surprised. You never know about these Hollywood folk. Give them a chance to take center stage and they might consider it. 😀 Remember, you asked, Seumas. 😀

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  4. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    AUTHORS – The Fantastic Mr. Fox (aka Seumas Gallacher) invites you to be a Guest on his blog…

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  5. You picked two great ones, but I like the Bogie and Bacall duo (You do know how to whistle, don’t you? You just put your lips together and blow!). Maybe we could get them here from their astral plane. As always, very entertaining!

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  6. Casablanca. Such great lines. Such great stars that knew how to be stars. Fingers crossed we’ll see a return to style and movies like this someday.
    Kind of you to offer a turn on your stage.

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  7. This could be the beginning…:)

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  8. C.a.s.a.b.l.a.n.c.a. Sigh. You had to remind me. My favorite. The BEST lines. The best! o_O

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  9. An all time favorite, (your blog and Casablanca.) I’m going to be in touch soon about guest posting.

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  10. Play it Seumas. Play as time goes by… Hugs!

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