…where does this music really take yeez?… Searching for a Heart of Gold…

…sum’times we crazy ol’ Jurassics stumble upon stuff yeez wouldn’t credit… I think I might have discovered the real time machine… seventies music… I came across this clip of Neil Young playing ‘Searching for a Heart of Gold’… the clip is dated 2013, when the man himself was already about 68 years old (young?)… yeez can click on it while yeez read this… it’ll give yeez an idea of where my head’s at right now with this…the original came out around 1971/72, when I had barely eased out of my teens… what a strange combination,… particularly listening to the older voice singing the song, and the magic of time travel kicked in… that whole era of the early seventies came flooding back… the connections in my brain transported me to the entire wonder of growing up around fabulous music… the frenetic business of just being alive as a young man back then… of girl friends and love affairs… of heady imbibement with the electric soup, whether it was down-market cheap whisky, or yer very best Glenfiddich malt, landlord, if yeez please… of nights of partying that broke into the dawn’s light… half an hour of sobering up, enuff to get into the City and pretend to be alive and working for at least an hour or so until yeez could nap at lunchtime, and come back roaring to do business again… oh, what it was to be young and resilient… hindsight is 20/20 vision, they say… and songs like this speak to yeez… where does this music really take yeez?‘Searching for a Heart of Gold’, indeed… the raw, torrid love affairs and equally wild boozing is long since a thing of the past for this Throwback Man… but the feelings, even at this distance listening again, Mabel… are magical… enjoy… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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12 responses to “…where does this music really take yeez?… Searching for a Heart of Gold…

  1. I was still in Toronto at the time this song came out, and was my high school’s representative for a group of teens organized by the then Toronto Telegram (which folded about a year later). We were brought together to work on raising funds for charities and one of our ideas was to have Neil Young attend a dinner we were organizing – since Neil’s father, Scott, was a prominent columnist at the newspaper we thought it would have been easy to convince him to play. It didn’t work out, but it would have been cool! I was that close to meeting him … Aside from that, I’ve always had a fondness for Neil Young’s music.

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  2. WOW! Flashback time! It would kill me today to do what we did back then. Working in graphics, I remember how many party-ers who worked would bring in pillows, place them on their drawing boards and sleep until the sober ones warned them of arriving authority figures. (Of course by the late 70s I was in advertising, where we just worked all night and drank [or whatever else] while we worked!) Thanks for the memories, Darlin’!

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  3. I was teaching in Primary school (Grades 1&2) from 1967 when I graduated college until 1976 when my son was born so there was no late-night boozing or torrid affairs of the heart. I met and married my husband in 1975. To tell you how things were in those days, I had to sign a form when I took that teaching job. I promised that I would do nothing to embarrass the school district or I would lose my job. One woman’s son got into drugs and she lost her job because of it, so they meant business. I guess my life was rather boring compared to many others. 😀

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  4. Wow…those were some good old times, weren’t they? We changed the world 🙂

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