…Authors… what do we want? mega sales! when do we want them?… yesterday!…

…there’s an old saying I recall, ‘Patience is a Virtue… possess it if yeez can… often found in Woman, but seldom found in Man’… this ol’ Jurassic has no idea how much of that observation is based on verifiable fact, and it prob’ly depends on which gender yeez ask about it… also absent is any overlay on that premise as regards we quill-scrapers… whether the male or female of the scribbling species is the more likely to ‘chomp restlessly at the bit’ is indeterminate…

lassielad…but if yeez read between the lines, and even read the actual lines, it seems an inordinate number of  wannabe bestselling scribes can hardly contain themselves in the search for instant ‘success’… and the bulk of blame for that syndrome’s presence must be laid squarely at the door of the internet and the SOSYAL NETWURKS... we have collectively, I’m afraid, become a planet populated in large part  by ‘instant-gratification-seekers’… there’s no doubt that the vocation of Authorship has been impacted by massive changes in the publishing environment… the onslaught of eBooks, with the Great God Amazon and its Kindle sorcery at the vanguard of this ‘New Age’ of Web-ism, has reduced the average reading consumer’s attention span to shorter than a Scotsman’s arms in his pockets when it’s time to buy a round of drinks… that a few have been fortunate enuff to hit the Kindle Klondye, a la Ms Amanda Hocking, Messrs Hugh Howey and John Locke, and of more recent klaxoning, that wee E.L.James lassie, has misled many to think all yeez have to do is ‘ turn up, throw a book at Kindle, and lie back and wait for the fame and fortune to flow’


…well, a-hem, it doesn’t happen that way, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… p’raps time to revert to that era of innocence as a newbie writer… that era when it was a pink-cloud event to type ’The End’ on yer WURK… that era when a single review in excess of three stars sent yeez into raptures… ah, sweet mem’ries… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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40 responses to “…Authors… what do we want? mega sales! when do we want them?… yesterday!…

  1. Personally I understand, but my heart bleeds for those who expect emmediate success in anythiing. I always suspect a big problem with anything that seems to be immediate success. 🙂

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    Some wise words from M’Lord Gallacher on the expectations that our books are going to be instant successes with mega downloads.

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  3. I recall that saying differently: Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace, Grace is a little girl who won’t wash her face! No real relevance; just a cute saying!

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  4. I expect to be an overnight success after about 20 years, when I will be….no, don’t go there.

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  5. Yep. That’s why it’s so important to love what you do. Then success is just the sweet on top of the cake.

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    Wise words about publishing, the culture of instant gratification and keeping our “Great Expectations” real.
    Oh! And… you can find my books on Amazon, iTunes and Yada Yada 😉

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    Patience my Precious – Patience 😀

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  8. Kylie Betzner

    Hilarious! Sharing this on Twitter.

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  9. I’m being patient, but moss is growing on my north side.

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  10. Sigh. Hiccup.<3 ❤ Sorry. ❤

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  11. So true. I keep running the marathon vs sprint trope through my brain, but sometimes I just want to jump forward to the good stuff.

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  12. I think we all dream of being a J.K.Rowling. However, I pity those who hit it with just one or two books. They have the hard road ahead of STAYING ahead with the avid fan base baying at their heels. If they don’t, then the base evaporates ne’er to return…. or at least not any time soon.

    I may WANT to hit the jackpot, but being a rounder ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Grinding through day after day means you’ve got a better chance of knowing what to do when success (and fame) hit you with the pallet of bricks – write another one!

    But, does it have to be so far down the road? (Yup. The further the better – you get more time to get ahead of that rabid pack before they tear into you.)

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  13. Slow and sure wins the race. Turtle shells last longer than rabbit fur! (but warm and fuzzy is so attractive!)
    If slow cooking is making a comeback, maybe there’s hope for the pace of success. The industry is still morphing -we’ll see.

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  14. Mega downloads would be nice but sadly not reality for the majority of us… So true.

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  15. Well said. I suspect that, originally, all you needed to do was write prolifically (be it fan fiction or normal stuff) and be first to market. They do do a lot of marketing these days, though, so they’ve clearly made it because they’re adaptable as well. However, I do think that, these days it’s a sod of a lot more complicated.



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