…the REAL lesson for we Authors about that Fifty Shades thing-y…



…it matters not one jot that this ol’ Jurassic is never likely to read the off’ring from Author E.L.James… nor to expend any silver in exchange for a cinema seat for the flicker version… I’ve already encountered several people who did buy and read her WURK… and, frankly, most seemed kinda disappointed with the content… I’m old enuff to remember when D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover was published in the UK, and the furore that it caused… at the time it was ‘way out there’ in terms of the alleged erotic narrative…


…and to many, including several self-appointed ‘guardians of moral sanctity’ groups who clamoured for it to be banned, ‘a muck-laden. filth-pond that was bound utterly to corrupt society… and guess what, Mabel?… the court case allowing publication was won by the publishers… society was no more nor less inflamed with corruption than theretofore… and, here’s the important, bit, Authors— it generated massive, priceless, FREE, promotional advertising… a best seller in nano-seconds… now, back to the present buzz on Ms James’s tome… here we have a story, supposedly not so cleverly written, boring in parts, I’m told… but, but, but… it has sold 100 million copies! (that’s not a typo–100 million copies!)… the movie will doubtless gross hugely… and every where yeez look, people are talking about it… SkyNews is full of it… newspaper headlines can’t get enuff of it… the internet is swamped with stuff on it… and even my ‘umble blog is doing its wee bit of unintentional publicity… that, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… that is publicity to die for… many years ago, that wunnerful siren of stage and screen, the indominatable Ms Mae West, was often quoted saying, ‘I don’t care what they’re sayin’ about me, just so long as they’re sayin’


…I’m absolutely certain that Ms James currently shares the same sentiment… and that is the REAL lesson for we Authors about that Fifty Shades thing-y… I started by writing above that I’m neutral on the quality of the writing content of Fifty Shades, but I stand in sheer awe of the publicity it has generated… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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33 responses to “…the REAL lesson for we Authors about that Fifty Shades thing-y…

  1. I read half a page that was sent to me… and was so unimpressed by the writing I wouldn’t read it even if I wanted to. No problem with the subject matter… that’s a personal choice to read or not to read. But dammit all… that’s one hell of a publicity machine tht has its wheels in motion! 🙂

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  2. As we say, at least in the U.S., Seumas, “You’ve hit the nail on the head.” I’ve often wondered about things I’ve read. It’s hilarious how many “clothing malfunctions” there’ve been since the first ones were reported. People in show business hire publicity agents to bring items of interest to the attention of the reading public. I imagine they make good money if they’re successful. Funny stuff. 😀 Writers, however, need to also have some kind of talent to make it. 🙂

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  3. I have not heard anything good about the writing and the subject matter only leads me to believe it is more abusive than sexual. Haven’t read it myself though, nor do I intend to – movie, likewise. It just goes to show you that it is being in the right place at the right time more than being right

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  4. Ah, to be controversial. I always think its interesting what stirs people up – sex and religion, certainly. Violence, not so much. Strange world we live in.

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  5. Indeed, as Pamela noted, Ms. James got lucky, very lucky. Right place, right time. People buy her book in part because of the hype. I haven’t read the book(s) and have no intention to. But I’d be happy to read Lady Chatterly’s Lover again 😉

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  6. Couldn’t get through chapter one with the writing style, but ooo, the publicity would be cool.

    It’s like someone once said (can’t remember who my friend told me it was, so I’ll paraphrase…): don’t hate somebody because they got famous with work you feel is of lesser quality than yours, get off your arse, stop whining, and go out there and show people what you can do.

    I remember being grumpy when Chris Paolini published Eragon at 16 years old. I whined that my sixteen year old work of art was better (it wasn’t really, but it will be). My friend quoted that to me…and she was right. And it may have taken a few years, but I finished a novel of my own. Trying to outdo Mr. Paolini was great motivation!

    But I do have to say this, Jack Calder could run a hundred rings round whiny Mr. Gray before breakfast. Too bad he’s got a girl already!

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  7. Mae was right – and that seems to be the playbook with so many these days. They are hyping the movie like crazy, so it’s probably a dud and the studio is worried. Couldn’t get past the poor writing of the book, so dropped it, but if framed just right, people seem willing to rush and buy anything. No point complaining and scowling. Writers must observe and learn to market (whether it’s fair or not)

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  8. newromanticspress

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  9. Scandal always sells. And the more outraged some people get at something, the more the rest of people want to know why…I haven’t read it either but know quite a few readers (not authors) who love it, so…I guess we run the risk of assuming that readers share our taste but that’s evidently not the case. Be it subject matter or something else, she hit it on the nail. Well done! (After all quality is a subjective matter).

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  10. laurie27wsmith

    I think the ballyhoo about Lady Chatterley was more about a titled woman and a commoner, oh and probably the sex. I remember reading The Story of O back in my youth. Now there’s a story to get your collar hot.

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  11. It is all about bad sex and fantasies of submission… I think the plot is quite boring… And can’t find he explanation for its massive success!.
    Regards, Aquileana 😀

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  12. It’s definitely a triumph of marketing over quality. I read book one and got far enough into book two to see hints that Christian’s abusive behaviour might stem from being subjected to abuse himself. BDSM reading friends tell me the sex is really badly done. I thought so. Definitely not erotic, and I skipped it. He is definitely creepy and abusive in the first book and i guess that, as a petrol head, the whole thing is summed up for me in that he has all that money amd the best thing he can come up with is a garage full of Audis and theres not even a RS8. No Ferreris, no slk, no bentley, no lambo? Just a garage full of rep mobiles. Sums up the whole thing to me. Lots of fuss about something which has anhuge amount of potential but is quite ordinary as is. Id love to know how she did that. And fair play to her because while the whole furore may leave me scratching my head, she’s clearly tapped into something.



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