…tickle me, Muse, lest I grow weary of this WURLD…

…as some of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who follow my posts will be aware, I have my (admittedly rare) moments of introspection… so if yeez have scant regard for such-spection, move along, NUTHIN to see here, folks… oh… sumb’dy’s still here… okay, here goes… I’ve shared before now, about 32 years ago I was in the splendid Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore, on a drip, and according to my doctors, had about 6 weeks left to live…


…the detail of why is of no significance, merely that fact42 days to keep breathing… tops… and yet, here I am, annoying the heck out of the planet One Day at a Time for all of these years since… of course, as with most people who’ve engaged in similar medical escape-artist-stunts, it changed my entire outlook on just about everything… I’ve no intent to make light of hardships, terror, disability, and outright dreadful existences that so many individuals suffer across the globe, but for this ol’ carcass, I now only consider two kinds of day… good days… and better days… but I claim my own definition of these… if I waken up, and even find my a*se is falling off, but I’m still alive… to me that constitutes a good day… anything up from that is a better day… daft? mad? crazy? misguided?… I think not… so far it has WURKED for me… so often I’ve discovered that my own interaction with other people can generate a matching response… If I’m scowling, what else than grim faces back?… even the exercise of a smile can evoke a positive result…


…of course, there are times, when my wee grey cells try to get a little forgetful of this mechanism, and it’s good for me to self-remind how fortunate I really am… on these (happily, few), occasions where the shadows encroach, I begin to think back on the 6 week countdown… I have a brief mental chat, ‘tickle me, Muse, lest I grow weary of this WURLD’... and it all falls easily into perspective once more… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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18 responses to “…tickle me, Muse, lest I grow weary of this WURLD…

  1. Don’t kid us, Seumas, we know you’re really one of the Immortals. What on earth would we do without you here to cheer us on. We LUV YEEZ right back. 🙂

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  2. I for one am so glad the doctors got it wrong for you!
    They often do get it wrong, I find, and I’m often not so glad.

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  3. Hope this isn’t a.good day–I’m.aiming for better. No, let’s go for GREAT!

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  4. Was having a bad week, so thank you for reminding me of all my blessings.

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  5. April

    There is a photo of you, left side to camera looking pensive. I’ve always wondered if that one is of you quietly scanning the horizon and saying “I’m still here.” And it is my favourite.

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  6. wonderful words of wisdom, seumas. i think if we all approached the world as we would if we only had six weeks left in it, we would have lot more peace and joy and happiness.

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  7. Well put, and you gave me a couple happy chuckles to brighten my morning. By the way, its the picture of you by the window, bathed in light. Very nice. .

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