…please, Mister Postman… is there a letter for me?…

…for all of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land out there of a certain age— put yer hand up if yeez can remember the last time yeez actually wrote a letter… a real, pen-and-paper, scribbling every WURD yerself, not on an electronic gadget… signing it, and popping it in an envelope, buying a stamp, licking and adhesing the same to the envelope, and sticking the lot into a post box?…


…if ye’re anything like this ol’ Jurassic, yeez’ll prob’ly have to scour yer mem’ries to recall the last time yeez did that… I’ve just exchanged letters with my good pal, Bobby Madigan, who lives halfway around the WURLD in Canada… like me, my correspondent came at this exercise almost as if re-discovering a long-lost skill… over 50 years back, I enjoyed several penpal relationships with folks in various distant addresses… USA, Africa and Australia, long before I ever stepped on an airplane and eventually landed in all of these locations at some time or other during my career… how awkward it felt penning the first few lines this time around…


…in truth, I threw away several screwed-up-paper attempts before I felt comfortable with what I wrote… computers, laptops, iPhones et al, are all wunnerful inventions, but, p’raps at the cost of the art of expressing ourselves in the ink medium… y’see, Mabel, with typed stuff on the Mac, it’s so easy to amend, correct, add and subtract bits before yeez hit the ‘send’ button… the ’send‘ button on a written letter is dropping the thing into the pillar box… how far have we come ?… how much have we gone back?… yer thought for the day, maybe… now, having enjoyed the re-engagement with my proper ‘quill-self’, I’m up for more…


…if any of yeez wanna re-connect with yer proper-pen-and-paper-paraphernalia-postal-personage, send me an email at seumasgallacher@yahoo.com with yer postal address, and we’ll kick it off… who knows, this may become the biggest ‘new’ SOSYAL NETWURKIN phenomenon of 2015… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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13 responses to “…please, Mister Postman… is there a letter for me?…

  1. I still have a couple of friends who don’t do email. I owe them letters and feel guilty I haven’t written lately. There’s nothing like finding old letters and reading them again. I did tear some up from a first boyfriend. I figured he was no doubt married and it was only fair. I also didn’t think my kids would appreciate finding them. 😀 Thank goodness I never wrote anything I’d be ashamed of someone reading. Indian addresses take up most of the front of an envelope. I don’t know how it is where you’re at, but here part of an address can include directions like beside, across from, near, etc. 😀 A rickshaw driver will pull over every so often and ask someone in a neighborhood if they know where something is. It’s like a humorous adventure. 😀

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  2. I applaud your desire to go back to the good old days, but……I’m afraid I cannot agree with getting back to pen and paper. I have carpal tunnel in both hands and use voice softwear for some of my ‘typing’. I’m sure there are others who will delight in the idea. Enjoy.

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    • …I applaud the fact that you handle your own writing in such a capable way, m’Lady, Barbara… of course, I could not exist as a writer these days without the trusty laptop. I just wanted to dabble for a while again in the hand written stuff… and it was fun … LUVZYA!


  3. I don’t quite know where I’ll be from a minute to the next but yes, it is a different experience. Have fun!

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  4. There’s something about ink flowing or bumping across the texture of paper. It is very different than email. For several years I used to write once a month to elderly uncles – all at or over 100 yrs. One could receive email that would be printed out for him, but a letter was still better, it was something you can hold in your hand or walk around showing other residents the pictures and funny comments. It was warm and like life used to be – not by machine.
    It’s a great idea. Maybe, let me think a bit. Not long, promise

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