…an updated re-run Post version to keep pace with ‘that’ Shades thing-y…

…one Shade of Seumas…

…I wrote this piece as far back as September 2012… now with the re-emergence of that ‘Shades’ movie, p’raps a wee update from this ol’ Jurassic is timely… I’ve tweaked the material to reflect things as they are now, February 2015:

…inevitably, comparisons are always going to be made—the holding up of measurement mirrors, the galling gauge that indicates how far up, or how far down, or how far middle our achievements rank in whatever we do… no less so in this enthralling Big Dipper of book-write-ery… I understand that I can now string together fairly coherently up to at least five sentences, well, maybe four sentences, and make them sound half-way sensible… and therein lies the rub… delusions of adequacy can quickly pile in to tempt me to think that perhaps I’m getting somewhere worthwhile along the path of Author-dom… listings in the Great God Amazon Kindle pages, cleverly presented by those who manipulate such things, can have me believe that my novels have reached a credible level of acceptance… happily, the sales drawdown figures do not lie, so I can rest easily in my cot at night knowing that tens of thousands of people now have Kindle copies of THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY, and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, and of SAVAGE PAYBACK nestled somewhere cosily in beside their anonymous copies of FORTY-NINE PLUS ONE SHADE OF A CERTAIN COLOUR…

wall copy 2

…some (personally) very expensively produced hard copies of my offerings, have added to the universe of readers who can get to see my musings through eBook download… I’m pleased to share with you that the meetings engineered with the Scribbling Gods among the local book distributors here in the Middle East have placed me on the cusp, to boldly go where many millions have gone before… having hard copies for sale in book shops, not only in Abu Dhabi (where W.H.Smith at the airport have two of my Jack Calder crime thriller babies at #6 and #11 in their bestsellers) but also now in Bahrain… oh, the very swooning thought of it… I continue to sense what Darien must have experienced from that vantage point in Panama all these centuries ago… a brave frontier beckons… my little baby steps lengthening into a-wee-bit-more-grown-up-paces… and more recently, the good folks at Crooked Cat Publishing have risked their firm’s reputation by contracting to carry all of the series to date… I may be about to become the 213,746,029th Wonder of the Writing WorldMessrs Steinbeck, O’Hara, Child, Dickens… eat your hearts out… I’m on your trail… what?… yes, Mabel, I was talking to myself… again… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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3 responses to “…an updated re-run Post version to keep pace with ‘that’ Shades thing-y…

  1. You updated that just right, Seumas. An airport booksho!p is a great place to have hard-cover copies of your books. It’s a place I’ve gone to browse when in an airport with time on my hands. You’re doing great. Once more, Congratualtions! 🙂

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