…where have all the statesmen gone, long time passing?… gone to children, every one?…


…forgive this ol’ Jurassic a bit of a mumble here… I endeavour not to become embroiled in the ‘hot’ topics in my blog posts… I try to keep it light, hopefully entertaining, and maybe, from time to time, a tad informative, Mabel… but ev’ry now and then, wee FILOSOFIKAL thoughts wander into my head… like many of my peers, the older I become, the less enchanted I am with the lack of civilisation, as far as that term is described in the dictionary, ‘the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced’… consider what fills the eternal 24/7 news channels day after day, night after night, minute after minute… barbaric killings across the planet… Middle East, Europe,the Americas, Ukraine/Russia, Africa, you name it, they’ve all got a share of it sum’where in there… the supposedly more advanced nations reflect race relations in turmoil… religions of all creeds posturing as the one and only true path… supporters of political entrenchments, cutting the opposition parties to shreds with muck-raking, slander, and outright lying… yeez get the picture… and d’yeez know this?.. it’s all bullsh*t… 24-carat all-growed-up-adult bullsh*t… it occurs to me, that not one of us is actually born with any prejudices… babies don’t observe ‘skin colour’…. babies don’t know what ‘religion’ is all about… babies have no awareness of ‘hate’… but sum’how, along the way, they learn that stuff…and they learn that stuff because they’re taught that stuff… I don’t pretend I’m clever enuff to have an answer for all of this, but it’s in there sum’where… that ‘learning/teaching’ bit… ‘way back when, we had statesmen and stateswomen to ease a lot of this nonsense… oh, admittedly, horrific things still went down, but I can’t remember it being on such a wholesale scale across the planet as it nowadays… excuse my airing of this… if it offends anyone, then perhaps the problem lies in being offended by it… here’s Pete Seeger to sing to yeez (kinda brings a lump to my throat)… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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23 responses to “…where have all the statesmen gone, long time passing?… gone to children, every one?…

  1. With you Seumas, and oddly enough just finished a post for tomorrow that concludes with a similar thought. And I cried at Pete. x

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  2. …great minds think alike, and all that, m’Lady, Sue:)


  3. I think perhaps part of the problem is that the mother’s have had to go to work leaving the care of the children to others. Economic conditions are such that it takes both parents working to provide. I hear children screaming because they don’t understand that mommy will be back. I was fortunate to be able to stay home when the children were small. Also, there’s a lot of unrest and dope thrown into the mix. The stress is tremendous and children play violent video games and see all kinds of things on TV and the internet. It’s next to impossible to shiled a child these days. Greed drives a lot of things and is running rampant. There’s more than just one cause of the trouble.

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  4. Thank you, Seamus, for expressing my feelings so well . . . as does Pete Seeger. Love all his songs. Yes, I’m old enough to remember them!

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  5. Apologies, Seumas, for the typos!!!!!!

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  6. Humanity, handbaskets, travelling fast, slippery slopes and Hades all figure in my opinion of things today Seumas.
    Humanity needs a giant dose of castor oil or a good smack around the backside like we got when we were naughty / stupid as kids 🙂

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  7. Trying not to sing ‘You have to be taught’ from South Pacific. Even Rodgers and Hammerstein knew it…Good rant, Seumas

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  8. So true…and very sad. If only people could learn to live and let live…

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  9. It’s good you aired it Seumas. I will know that civilisation has arrived when neo nazis no longer get elected as there are no longer any believers in their words, and when the buildings of any religion are safe from desecration by someone with another belief.

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  10. Rant on, Seumas! And a good one at that!

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  11. Thanks for ranting. I’m often depressed about the lack on compassion in my country and in the world. People are treated like objects, obstacles, and impediments to economic, religious and political agendas. Empathy seems an old-fashioned word.

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  12. Agree with you wholeheartedly, except for one tiny detail. it’s true that hate is taught–by many different venues. But the truth is, we are all born sinners. No one has to teach a child how to lie. It comes naturally. No one has to teach a child how to blame someone else in order to keep himself out of trouble. No one has to teach a child how to be self-centered, or how to get angry, or throw a tantrum. No one has to teach a child how to hit or bite. In spite of our best intentions, we all fall short of our own expectations from time to time, but ultimately God’s. I’m not here to promote one religion over another. We all make our own choices and believe what we want to believe. But it is important to understand the consequences of those choices. God is not interested in our opinions. He is interested in having a relationship with us. And HE said there is only one way to have that relationship. it’s through the shed blood of Jesus on the cross. If there was another way then He suffered all of that torment and torture for nothing. Just saying.. .

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