…Govanspeak… as she is spoke in Darkest Glasgow…

…there have been some questions pushed my way from time to time about some of the WURDS employed in these posts… the more cunning linguists amongst yeez will have already managed to get yer mental tongues around my p’raps stylised application of communication, Govanspeak… in order to alleviate the concerns in some quarters for those who may continue to struggle to understand the lingo, here are some clarification notes:

WURDS                             MEANING

YEEZ                                  you (singular or plural application where appropriate)

LUV YEEZ!                        familiar term of endearment, not intended as a marriage proposal

YERSELF                           focus on yeez as an individual personage

SOSYAL NETWURKS   the ubiquitous internet distractive channels that keep us from our scribbling

WURD                                combination of letters, with a standalone meaning, or part of a phrase or sentence

WURK                                labour, profession, or current masterpiece (WURK-in-progress)

MEDYA                              universal posse of communication systems

WUNNERFUL                  splendid

‘…’   and  ‘…’                      surrogate beginnings and endings of passages of conscious thought, precluding the need for capital letters and full stops for sentences

…some of yeez of a certain age may recall the incomparable Stanley Baxter, much-admired Scottish television and stage comedian who doubled as a crusader for the propagation of the Glesca (Glasgow) dialect… one of his clips for the Narrowly-Missed-A-Nobel-Prize-For-The-Lingistic-Education-Of-The-Masses is viewable here, for yer further edification… enjoy!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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19 responses to “…Govanspeak… as she is spoke in Darkest Glasgow…

  1. Well, that was enlightening–also hilarious. 😀 Thanks for the education, Seumas. 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    For those of you who like me are 42 (plus VAT) and lived in the UK in the 70s – you will not only be very familiar with the funny Stanley Baxter but also Andy Steward (Donald Where’s your Troosers) and Moira Anderson and Kenneth McKellar – in fact it seemed in those days if Saturday nights were dominated by Scottish singers and comics.. so fear not M’Lord Gallacher – we have no problem in understanding your Wurdzzz…

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  3. I recall having to translate Yorkshire too 😉 Spell check hates me sometimes…

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  4. I can feel a new e-book coming…

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  5. No problem figuring out govanspeak, but nice for confirmation. I myself speak a combination of Bostonian and Southern, which can occasionally be confusing. It did take me a while to learn the plural of y’all is all y’all. You make me smile with every post!

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  6. Adored Stanley Baxter and all the others!

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  7. A “wee” treasure as always Seumas.

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  8. Ah, shoot. I understand you fine. It’s the people in the video who confuse me. 😀 😀 😀

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