…Authors… don’t ever let Age-ism be a negative factor…

…here’s another of these wee chestnuts that’s worth mulling over again… as an Author, no matter what yer age, lotsa people ask yeez, ‘when did yeez first start writing?’… for obvious reasons, very few ever ask , ’when did yeez last write?’, regardless of yer age… my point is, most scribblers keep at their masterpiece production right up to the time they join The-Great-Big-Quill-Scrapers-Literary-Festival-In-The-Sky… there’s no ‘sell-by’ date on how long yeez can continue to WURK at yer craft… I’ve just checked on the longevity of the prolific spy-catcher novelist, John Le Carre

le carreharper lee he’s clocking into his eighties now, and I believe he published yet another tome, A Delicate Truth, as recently as 2013… the venerable Ms Harper Lee, she of the ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ fame is about to release a second title 55 years after her first… admittedly she wrote it ‘way back when, but still she’s in the reading public’s eye with a ‘new’ off’ring… very few other vocations or professions so profoundly demonstrate the beauty of maturity… there may exist prodigy geniuses of the Scriveners Union who astonish the reading universe with outstanding literature, but I know of none… but then, what do I know?… I’m just an ol’ Jurassic, right?… wrong!!! … my first serious dabbling in this Author-y thingy came when I’d already blown out the candles on my sixtieth birthday cake… my own first laptop purchase was made around the same time to tap out the initial novel, The Violin Man’s Legacy… and a new lease of creative life was gifted to me… I may not be the athletic physical specimen of yesteryear… there may well be creaking sounds here and there when reaching for stuff, which noises I’ll merrily pretend emanate from the floorboards and not my bones… but I will say this… I may not be physically as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as ever I was… but the wee grey cells still get together frequently enuff to justify my optimism that my writing WURK is alright, thank yeez very much, Mabel… Authors, don’t ever let Age-ism be a negative factor… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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15 responses to “…Authors… don’t ever let Age-ism be a negative factor…

  1. That’s made me feel a lot better about my age; I keep thinking, oh I’m too old to start scriptwriting. So, thanks Seumas

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  2. I’m happy to read this. I see a ton of interviews where the author claims to have started writing at two months of age, or some nonsence. I’ve always written for work, but they are professional documents, with all the soul of a textbook. I only started in fiction at 49. Sometimes this makes me feel like an outcast, but I’m too old for those thoughts. At 54, I think my newer works are pretty darned good.

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  3. I like what you have to say. There is some skepticism though. I’ll try to explain. I personally believe that most (not all) don’t hit their prime until about age thirty-five to forty. That’s not to say that people can’t write well before then, but I do feel that one has to live a little, experience relationships, have a little life under their belt before they can hit their stride in writing well. I’ve been reading lots of articles lately that talk about successful writers and one constant theme is that publishers want to carry a good writer for the long haul. They are looking for young talent that they can line up for years to come. I didn’t start seriously writing fiction until after age fifty. I’d like to think I have many good years in front of me. I know there are many writers in history that didn’t get published until late in life, but what I am hearing is that a trend is being set to exclude the more mature. Not sure if I like that as a reader or a writer.

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  4. I say, Seumas, that it isn’t over until it’s over. I’ve learned to live one day and a time and be thankful for that day. I do my best and I think that’s all that can be expected of any of us. I keep thinking about the famous American artist, Grandma Moses, who didn’t start painting until she was elderly and had difficulty doing embroidery. She continued, as I remember, until she was at least 100. 🙂

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  5. No one ever told the great classic writers when they should stop writing! So I plan to die at my keyboard someday!

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  6. So right. I agree with Barbara. Talking about him, I’ve recently read a novel by Le Carré’s granddaughter (Jessica Cornwell) ‘The Serpent Papers’. She’s evidently much younger but she’s an interesting writer…

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  7. Great post. When I started writing, I suddenly realized that I had found something I would never be too old for. I was THRILLED!

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