…Author pal, Tim Taylor lets me play on his blog today…

…good pal, Tim Taylor has allowed me to play today over on his excellent blog page,  http://www.tetaylor.co.uk/#!blog/c1pz  …

…yeez can read all about it here:

2 Feb       Welcome, Seumas!

A guest post today from thriller writer Seumas Gallacher, who tells us in his unique style why, after successfully self-publishing several novels, he has joined Crooked Cat.  He has just published his latest, Savage Payback, which finds SAS officer turned security consultant Jack Calder grappling with murder and drug running.  Take it away, Seumas ….

front view SPprofile 

…one simple step for a Blogger… one giant step for a self-publishing Author…

…January 27th, 2015 is unlikely to go down in the history books for future generations to marvel at its significance… but for this ol’ Jurassic quill-scraper the date is laden with various emotions… it marks the first day when my wee Jack Calder crime thriller masterpieces saw the light of a Publisher’s beacon… the good folks at Crooked Cat Publishing, Stephanie and Laurence Patterson,  have contracted to re-launch my entire series to date, with the likelihood of further titles to follow… the emotions are mixed, Mabel, ‘coz it means that all of the Master-Gallacher-solo-driven initiatives in the self-publishing universe now have a formal partnership… the six years of exhorting, complaining, and, yes, whining, like a Missed-An-Oscar-Award-Actress, that nob’dy in the publishing industry LUVS me or my WURK are now over… the incredible range of fantastic literary pals include many who have already slung their hammock over to the Crooked Cattery… and they all speak well of their experience… I’ve been asked several times ‘why go with a publisher after all this time, and after yer successes to date with 80,000+ downloads on the Great God Amazon?’… well, I could give yeez plenty of so-called ‘logical explanations, Sherlock’, but it boils down to this… it feels right, it feels ‘time’, it feels good… and the wunnerful thing is that I realize that any author, self-published or ‘housed’, is still expected to bear a significant amount of the SOSYAL NETWURKIN activity that is so inured in the ‘business of writing’ for a scribbler these days, in my not-so-‘umble opinion… and as many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land know, I rejoice in being a part of the Web WURLD…and here’s the clincher… the Patterson duo as publishers ‘get’ the modern reality of hybrid offerings to the reader market… eBooks and print, and oh, by the way, they have the ability to get my stuff into many other distribution channels that my single brain and one pair of hands simply could never find the time to do, and write… watch this space… yeez will be kept informed… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!…

Thanks for dropping by, Seumas.  Hope the move works out well for you, and that Savage Payback is a big success.

You can find Savage Payback via these links:

Amazon UK   Amazon US

Amazon Canada Amazon Australia


And here are links to Seumas’s blog and his Facebook page

You can follow him on Twitter (@seumasgallacher) or contact him by email at  seumasgallacher@yahoo.com



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5 responses to “…Author pal, Tim Taylor lets me play on his blog today…

  1. Thanks Tim and Seumas for the great interview. Well done. 🙂

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  2. Great way to start the week. Thanks Seumas and Tim!

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