…isn’t it rich?…

…I don’t care how hard-assed I think I may appear from time to time, especially to people who’ve never met me before… I’ve had my moments of gruffness and growling around folks and situations that displease me… thankfully, a modicum of alleged maturity has replaced the veneer of the Dockland Govan hard man from my upbringing in Glasgow… the trigger points of red-mist-from-toes-to-top-of-the-skull rage which occasionally coloured this ol’ Jurassic’s formative years seem, mercifully, a thing of yesteryear… as yer man, Danny Glover in the Maverick movie says, ‘I’m getting too old for this sh*t’… don’t misunderstand me, however… I’m still capable of coming swinging out of my tree, all knuckles and knees ready for combat at the drop of a hat (mind that hat, Mabel!)… but these days, by choice, my preference is to maintain at least the pretence of being a steady, balanced individual (what? a bluudy sane, sensible, Scotsman?..who am I kidding?)… however, it is remarkable how soothing can be the Great Pacifier…music… music’s one of my major ‘go-to’ escape valves when the rest of the planet is in one of it’s so-fecking-bonkers-yeez-have-to-opt-away modes… and no better soother-of-the-blistered-brow is the piece above by the Lady with the Golden Voice… Judy Collins… these days, I don’t require the premise of agitation to listen to her… do yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land have favourite pieces of music/songs/throwbacks that yeez basically stop what ye’re doing to listen to?,… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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19 responses to “…isn’t it rich?…

  1. We come from similar youthful backgrounds Seumas, with similar attitudes to idiots and madmen, so I can easily relate to that.
    Music from certain classics and the 50’s & 60’s also helps me relax for a while.
    Keep the heid man…

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  2. My favorite of all time would be Ave Maria which you don’t hear played that often any more, but I love it. Before the Beatles and around the time of Elvis it was the Everly Brothers. The younger generation may not remember them, but they were popular, especially in the U.S. and England, beginning in the late 50”s and onward. I also like Celtic music as you know, including bagpipe music. 🙂

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  3. …Mario Lanza also sang Ave Maria …beautiful 🙂

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  4. Far too many Seumas but I agree with Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Steeleye Span Mamas and Papas and most 60’s and 80’s. I’d never have time to fight.

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  5. For the grumpy bits, I have a list on my iPod called ‘happy happy joy joy’. This miraculous list contains such classics as ‘sunny side of the street’ by Frank Sinatra, Accentuate the Positive, the Java Jive by Manhattan Transfer, Happy by Pharrel and Re: your brains by Jonathan coulton (for when I really want to hit something).

    Three hours of joy! Oh, don’t forget Space Unicorn NY Parry Gripp. Combined with ‘awww’ worthy welsh corgi photos on my Pinterest Corgis and Cuteness board these are guaranted to get rid of the grumps post haste…

    And we love you Seumas, even when you’re gruff… As my analyst mentor once told me, ‘I bark all the time, but when I’m barking, I can’t bite…’ You totally rock! Thanks for making me smile on this foggy day!

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  6. I grew up with the music that you and some others mentioned and by default, love it: Nana Mouskouri to Neil Sedaka, The Weavers to Queen. I love Vivaldi and Mozart, Roxy Music, Enya and Delerium to take the edge off a bad temper.

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  7. I think we have to have a bit of both sides in us, to stabilize us. Oh that reminds me of another Judy Collins song! Tee-hee! Thanks for this one, Seumas. I haven’t thought of it in a long time. Hugs! 😀

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  8. Kentucky Angel

    I guess I’m also in the ’50’s, 60’s and early 70’s music group, but I also love 40’s, 30’s and some of the really vintage stuff, written in the 1800’s, and wouldn’t you know the names escape me now. Love, love, love Celtic Woman, Enya, a bit o’ the Irish music, bluegrass when it’s done right, Mother Maybelle and the Carter Family, Beethoven, John Williams. So, so many it would take hours to name them all. My music tastes are very eclectic. I couldn’t pick one favorite if my life depended on it.

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  9. Classical music is the most soothing music for me. Another great music for relaxation is Howard Hansen Orchestra…don’t know if you have ever heard him? Wonderful music Seumas! Take care!!

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  10. My go-to bit of music is Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor as played by Walter Kraft. After that a long session with the Andrews Sisters generally gets me back in good spirits.

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