… yeez wanna come to a Pajama Party?… Author Diana Peach tells yeez how the best writers do it…

…there’s sum’thing so bluudy refreshing about other Authors who demonstrate that wunnerful irreverence to the stereo type of how a writer is supposed to behave… Guest Scribbler today, the LUVLY Diana Peach, captures hilariously, (and so accurately), the freedom of having entire days in yer PJs… have a read and yeez’ll see what I mean:


Writing in Pajamas

When Seumas asked me if I’d be interested in pulling together a guest post, well…I couldn’t resist the opportunity to muse. I enjoy the old Jurassic’s sense of humor and will attempt to do his blog justice. Thus…Writing in Pajamas.

To me, flannel pajamas are symbolic. Whenever I get the chance, I wear them all day, and in case you were wondering, I’m pj-clad as I type this post.

In my mother’s generation, all-day pajamas indicated a mortifying degree of sloth. Pinch-lipped, gossips would roll their eyes toward heaven, conjuring images of beer before breakfast, dust bunnies, and soap operas. If a woman wore pajamas all day, she certainly didn’t chair the holiday bazaar or volunteer at the library. Her kids lacked appropriate moral supervision and, no doubt, roamed the neighborhood like hooligans. Never mind her neglected spouse nibbling TV dinners after a long day at the plant.

My guess is some people still think that way, and now and then, they’re probably not wrong. Yet, I never ascribed to that characterization. My pajamas epitomize the wonderful and rare days when I can slide from bed straight into writing mode. I rouse myself to pour more coffee and toss a log in the woodstove, but that’s about it. No volunteering, no grocery shopping, no babysitting, the house to myself…It’s a bit of creative heaven.


If I’m still in my woolly slippers and snowman pajamas when the clock strikes two, I’m at my peak, fulfilling a mission, playing God. Worlds are being created and razed, characters loved and destroyed. Pathos, humor, desperation, joy, and death tap like magic from my fingertips. Who has time to get dressed with a universe in the throes of chaos?

Sometimes I go a touch far, I’ll admit. I want to hold onto that “this day is mine, mine, mine” feeling. I cling to the illusion that I haven’t surrendered my creative immersion to other tasks. There are days when my pajama-wearing mulishness raises eyebrows.

None of you, hopefully, is shocked by my occasional dash in slippers and assorted-fruit flannels to retrieve something from the car or the shed. You all do that, right? And, you’ve gone to the mailbox and…um, walked the dog? Those are things normal people do in pajamas, don’t they?

Of course, I don’t stop there. Yesterday, I split wood in my slippers and snowman pj’s, an almost farcical feat for which there are no pictures, thank the stars. Still in my pajamas, I’ve visited my neighbor to pick up my weekly goat’s milk supply, and on occasion, I’ve stopped in at the post office to mail books. I frequently wear my slippers to meetings. (If they want me to volunteer, they can deal with my choice of footwear, right?) And if I feel the need to dress up all fancy, I change the bottom half into jeans and yank a sweatshirt over the green turtles adorning the top.

I live in the northwest Oregon mountains outside a dinky town where everyone knows everyone else. I get away with this peculiar behavior because I’m a fantasy author. I’m permitted to be a bit eccentric. If they don’t remember me for my books, they’ll remember me as a lunatic. I’m fine either way.

To be honest, the real reason for my overindulgence in sleepwear is that once my little forays into the normal world are accomplished, I can return to my chair, my coffee, and my laptop without missing a beat. Wearing my pajamas is the bridge that keeps me connected to the fantastical side of my imagination. I relegate the outside world to a space between two parentheses, so the stories inside my head can continue unabated. That’s where I prefer to spend my time, and pajamas give me permission to dream.

If you want to check out the books I’ve written in my pj’s, here’s a list:

Myths of the Mirror

The Melding of Aeris


Sunwielder cover

Due out in 2015:

The Bone Wall

The Dragon Soul Trilogy: Eye of Fire, Eye of Blind, Eye of Sun

The Sorcerer’s Garden

Happy Writing!


…now, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, that’s my kinda scribbling lunatic…LUVVED IT, m’Lady, Diana!…

…check out Diana’s Amazon page : http://www.amazon.com/D.-Wallace-Peach/e/B00CLKLXP8/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

…and her terrific blog:  www.mythsofthemirror.com



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26 responses to “… yeez wanna come to a Pajama Party?… Author Diana Peach tells yeez how the best writers do it…

  1. Thank you Seumas. This was great fun.

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  2. Kentucky Angel

    I really enjoyed that m’lord. Diana is a fascinatin’ lady, and that’s from another lady who wears pj’s all day. I’m retired, and I’ve earned that right. Have to pull something on over them before I go down into the lobby, because of manager’s hangups,, but just pull sweatpants on over ’em then. A bit of extra warmth outside won’t hurt out in the wind. Gets realllly cold out there.

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  3. Must go and get a new pajamas right away!

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  4. All women writers talk about pyjamas.
    All men writers talk about coffee.
    It’s the law

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  5. I love Diana’s writing. I’ve read her short stories on her blog and I’m beginning her book SUNWIELDER which she was good enough to send me. I wear a type of Indian pants which can double as pj’s so no one really knows for sure. I had them made special. 🙂 Thanks Diana and Seumas.

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  6. I love pj’s as my writing attire, too, although my pj’s can be deceiving. Nice to meet you, Diana. I enjoyed your post.

    Thanks for sharing, Seumas.

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  7. Reblogged this on Myths of the Mirror and commented:
    I had a lot of fun guest-posting on Seumas Gallacher’s blog. He’s a entertaining character, and if you’re not already familiar with his work, I encourage you to take a peek. We had some chuckles about this post. Hope you enjoy.

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  8. I came home from school one day and my mother told me to put my pajamas on and come to the living room which we rarely went to unless we had quests … and then gently told me that my grandmother had died …. This still doesn’t make normal sense to me yet on a deeper level it awes me … and often the word ” pajamas ” is a part of my passwords … I truly enjoyed this writing and thank you for evoking a dear memory … blessings xxx

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  9. Diana, writing in pj’s is any writer’s dream. I love the idea of going straight to the laptop with coffee in hand. Nothing to distract you once you get into the zone. Lynn

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  10. I come for the pawty.. 😀 Stay cozy and wam..just like me.. Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

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  11. I’m with you on this. Now we have onesies! I’ve just bought my first one in the sales. I guess I’ll be joining your style of writing.

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  12. It’s a flannel Sunday, is it? I best change into sleepwear and cozy up with some good blog posts, like this one 🙂

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