…remember the good old days… they’re right now!…


Eleanor Roosevelt, by most people’s reckoning, was a pretty savvy Lady… among many epithets attributed to her is one I particularly like… ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present’… many other equally clever folks have paraphrased the same sentiment over the years… like lots of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, I’m sure, I’ve often been guilty myself of allowing the ‘sandwich days’, yesterday and tomorrow, to mar being mentally and spiritually present in today… the only day that really matters… in fact if this ol’ Jurassic were to indulge in nit-picking, then ‘this day’ should prob’ly be narrowed down to ‘this minute,’ or even ‘this instant’… try holding yer breath for five minutes, and yeez’ll see what I’m getting at… umpteen times I’ve caught myself thinking, ‘roll on next Monday, or next week, or next whenever,’ in anticipation of some future event… sumb’dy once told me that’s wishing my life away… much better to be living in the ‘now’… I know, I know, I know, Mabel, human nature always looks for things, events, happenings and stuff that makes them ‘feel better’, frequently to change their current perception of reality… that’s further subtraction of enjoyment of what’s going on around them ‘this instant’


…as a writer, when I’m immersed in scribbling, be it adding chapters to my latest novel’s Work-In-Progress, or doing blog posts such as this, it feels great… I don’t need the history of yesterday to sustain me, nor the teasing promise of the morrow… satisfaction is available to me in these little Author-y victories… self-indulgent?… certainly!… a good thing?… betcha!… any of yeez who’ve ever looked at a sentence or paragraph or even a choice of WURD in yer wee masterpieces and thought, ‘that’s mine…and I LUV IT!’ will know precisely what I mean… so, remember the good old days… they’re right now!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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14 responses to “…remember the good old days… they’re right now!…

  1. Very true, Seumas. I remember all too well many of those past times some call the “good old days”.They were a mixture of good and bad the same as today. We should never try to creep into yesterday and try to live there. It’s a bit like trying to live in a storeroom. You miss too much of the now. 🙂

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  2. Wise words, Seumas. We only get this one trip through time, so why waste it worrying about what’s gone or what may not come.

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  3. Fine craftsmen should have pride in their products. A well crafted sentence is worth a smile and feeling of accomplishment – writing is not easy – good writing even more difficult.
    When we were little and whining “I can’t wait until I’m bigger so I can….”, my grandmother would look very serious and say “Don’t wish your life away.”
    Your post and reminders made me smile.

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  4. Think I’m in a mini “living in the moment” this week. E-mails are fascinating me while my writing is shut up in a closet. Guess I’d better let it out soon. Have a wonderful day.

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