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..bang on the money, from m’Lady, Jo Robinson, writing in the Lit World Reviews with Ronovan Writes… I enjoy reviewing other author’s books, usually indies, as part of my own little attempt at ‘paying it forward’… I will post reviews on and (USA) ( separately,as they do NOT automatically register) and on Goodreads if I can HONESTLY give 4- or 5-star reviews.. Anything less than that, I do NOT publish.. I am NOT a professional reviewer, so I do not think I’m entitled to hammer someone else’s work, and nor would I ever wish to do so… gonna share this blog post..LUV the sentiments in it … :):)


Lit World Interviews

It’s important not to tarnish your brand when you’re in the public eye – or to invite others to tarnish it for you. No matter how small a fish you might think you are. As an Indie author you really do have to be reading books by other Indies as well your traditionally published favourites, and leaving reviews for our peers is absolutely necessary for the good of the whole tribe. I will ask you one question though – how many times have Dan Brown or J K Rowling publicly published a bad review of their peers? They don’t, because there are reviewers out there who get to do those things, and they probably don’t want to get into barnies with other scribblers either. If you have set yourself up as a book reviewer as well as an Indie author that’s fair enough, as long as you’re prepared to take…

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