…the captains of industry and commerce ‘get’ the ‘BUSINESS’ of writing…

…among the several real side pleasures to be derived from being an Author is being invited as a Guest Speaker at various groups… this ol’ Jurassic has enjoyed spouting at various gatherings in the principal guise of being a ‘writer’… I’m sure many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land have been involved in many such similar events… the readers, and other ‘live’ or ‘wannabe’ quill-scrapers in your communities, are generally interested in the scribbling part of the gig… along the way, my audiences have broadened into folks who are keen to hear how an ancient banker metamorphosed into a SOSYAL NETWURK gadfly… and particularly how these channels help to propagate an Author’s name, and hopefully sales of his/her literary masterpieces… today, I was privileged to be the Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club luncheon in Manama, Bahrain…. business persons, all… the welcome was hearty… the audience attentive… especially when the link was made between the ’business of writing’ and plain good old fashioned ’business’… as a not-so-long-ago businessman myself, it was simple to lay out the elements of planning, budgeting, product, time management, marketing, promotion, demographics, pricing, distribution, competition


…in essence, all the same things that businesses globally address every year in strategy meetings ad-inforeverum in Board Rooms and Chief Financial Officers’ salons… how gratifying to see the response from a room filled with corporate honchos… and let me assure yeez, these captains of industry and commerce ‘get’ the ‘BUSINESS’ of writing… which makes it all the more mystifying to me that so many author blogs I read seem to resist the idea that more is required than just the writing…. times have changed… and no one is more aware of that than I… a presence on, and a passable understanding of, how to operate on the Web is essential in my not-so-‘umble opinion, for any Author, not only for self-publishers, but equally so for those fortunate enuff to travel the traditional publisher pathways… it’s the BIZ!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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18 responses to “…the captains of industry and commerce ‘get’ the ‘BUSINESS’ of writing…

  1. Ken MacAulay

    Like riding a bike, Seumas! 🙂

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    More about the business of writing from Seumas Gallacher – as someone with over 80,000 downloads on Amazon he is adamant that we as writers should be treating our creative works as we would any business… well worth reading is other posts on the subject too.

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  3. Ha ha Luvz Ya too Seumas. I have yet to experience the nerve wracking, pants loaded experience of speaking to a room full of people. My biggest audience has been not more than 10, so far. I just wanted to add that even though there may be a publisher involved, the author is still expected to help with the business of selling, and the product is themselves. Yes we are no more than the bag of sugar on the shelf, but if we want our readers to chose us, we best help out too.

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  4. Like it or not, everyone must learn to be an entrepreneur.
    Informative, easy to process post. 😮

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  5. I’m going to be optimistic and say “when” I have a book to sell some day, Seumas, talking to a bunch of people holds no fears for an old, retired teacher, but I’m going to have to be a whole lot more versed in business than I am. That’s the part that worries me a bit. If they ask me “business” questions, I may just have to admit my weakness. Either that or try to start memorizing.and hope my ignorance doesn’t show through. 🙂

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  6. Always great posts from “that man”!

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    Another truism from Seumas.

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