…Authors… a daft wee post, this, maybe… but, are yeez emb’dy in particular?…



…I’ll be the first to admit my wee grey cells often barge around in utter confusion up there… thoughts sum’times come flying in and out at the strangest whim… today, I decided to sit quietly amid the hustle and bustle of a huge shopping-mall complex, enjoying an ice cream in the communal food court area… being around lunch time, the joint was packed with families, sitting at the array of plastic-topped tables, much-beloved of designers of such eating places… a rough and ready head count would prob’ly have reckoned around 400 to 500 persons in the munchatorium… occasionally, I do little mental arithmetic things… more ‘visualisations’ rather than computations… so I began to think, ‘how many of these eateries in shopping-malls are in this large city, and how many people are occupying them right now?’

crowd 1

…next thought, ‘how many of these across the entire country?’… carry the idea on to ‘how many people in the country, and how would that appear in a ‘visualisation’?… quite a crowd… don’t stop there, however… multiply the number by all the countries in the WURLD… mind-boggling, I know, Mabel… but here’s the point… given that last ‘visualisation’, just how significant is this ol’ Jurassic’s place in amongst all of these people?…

crowd 2

…kinda more than just a  humbling premise, I feel… I used to have this cheeky thing I did years and years ago at boring society and business cocktail parties… in amongst the mindless ‘small-talk’, I’d ask sumb’dy, if they were ’emb’dy in particular?’.. try it… yeez’ll be astonished at how much that question throws folks… with upward of 7 billion souls on Earth, my ‘umble presence on it kinda spins down into a wee bit better perspective… but, as quill-scrapers, the positive spin on this can also be gleaned… that’s 7 billion of a potential readers market… and a mere 0.0001 % of these amounts to a staggering 700,000… there’s yer markets, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… finish yer ice creams and get marketing! …see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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22 responses to “…Authors… a daft wee post, this, maybe… but, are yeez emb’dy in particular?…

  1. Everybody is somebody somewhere, but nobody is everybody anywhere…I think

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  2. Sorry Seumas, is it the ice cream eaters who are my target audience opr just emb’dy in a food court? Or maybe it’s the people who think they’re emb’dy in particular. I really must stop nodding of.

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  3. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    A question from Seumas Gallacher – out of 7 billion people, who are we as individuals.. well my feeling is that our DNA is as unique as our fingerprint and the footprint we leave behind and Seumas is leaving a very impressive and deeper footprint by the day….

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  4. If we could only round up those 700K people around a pay point…

    Great post!

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  5. Maybe we need to feed them….I thought you were going to suggest we should advertise in food courts…

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  6. A man of numbers as well as letters! Nice breakdown; great numbers even at 0.0001 %. I like the way you think. 😮

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  7. I don’t like malls. Is there anywhere else they gather? 🙂

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  8. Kentucky Angel

    I was in a shop without a center or a mall, but with a place to eat. It was too cold for ice cream, so I ate a veggie sandwich, more like half of the sandwich. Just finished the rest of it at home, because my apartment manager told me I’m not supposed to keep food in my fridge. It’s such a strange world lately, me foin mon.

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