…Author pals, (and others)… how ‘old’ do yeez wanna be?…


…yeez kinda get an inkling that the ‘age’ thing might be catching up on yeez, if, instead of looking at yer watch and saying, ‘Oh, look, is it that time again, already?’ yeez look at the calendar and say, ‘Oh, look, is it that date again, already?’… another natal landmark dawned with this ol’ Jurassic this morning… yep, another birthday… and it only seems like what? a year ago?… but that ‘year ago’ is appearing more condensed with each passing twelve-months… but, hang on a wee minute, Mabel, I certainly don’t feel like a dinosaur just yet… I recall when I was a lad at infant school thinking that emb’dy over 30 was ‘ancient’… even into my twenties and thirties, the attainment of fifty and beyond loomed as distant eons away… in Dockland Govan in Glasgow, admittedly, the slum life produced a remarkable stream of forty-sum’things who ‘wore’ their age like a massive burden… the gait would slow, the speech would be ‘old’ conversation… I’m sure yeez know what I mean… well, this Master Gallacher is having none of that… I’m a great adherent to young Oscar Wilde’s desire to ‘die beyond his means’, and whoever else aired their  intention (it may also have been he), to ‘grow old disgracefully’… whatever the physical condition of this ol’ carcass, I think there’s still enuff of the wee gray cells circulating upstairs to keep my thought process at any age I choose be… occasionally, it has been remarked by those close to me to know, that my ‘mental age level’ through the years has varied from (a) my shoe size, (b) my inside leg measurement, (c) sub-zero, (d) as far as yeez can throw a haggis, and (e) on a par with Albie Einstein (well, okay, I threw that one in there, myself)…


…what it boils down to in the end is, how ‘old’ do yeez wanna be?… as a writer, yer imagination takes yeez into all sorts of places… the same thing can apply to yer perception of ‘getting there disgracefully’… go for it… Happy New Day, everybody… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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33 responses to “…Author pals, (and others)… how ‘old’ do yeez wanna be?…

  1. Happy Birthday, Seumas!
    Me, I plan on using every bit of me to the max as long as I can… my son tells me I’m regressing 😉 He doesn’t usually give me compliments 😉

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  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    It is Seumas Gallacher’s birthday and he is relecting on our view of age from our own stages in life. I once heard a philosophy that appealed to me and have adhered to for the last 20 years. Find an age that stands out in your mind as the best across the board and stay there for all time. I am 35 years old and will remain so all the time I look into the mirrow without my glasses on. The only thing that changes is the VAT – Vear and Tear…..Happy Birthday Seumas and you look fabulous for 40….

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  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEUMAS and have MANY more of them 😀

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  4. I agree with every word you write here (YES, take it this time, it may never happen again – haha). I don’t want to be so-many-years-old at all. I’m so-many-years-young, and I plan on staying that way until my imagination stops. Then, I’ll let go and go away to the land-of-the-forever-young.
    I wish you a year-full of YOUNG silliness and even, yes, shenanigans.

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  5. Happy Birthday, Seamus. May you live long and young, and younger, and younger (but not senile). I just plan to live joyfully until I die; then I’ll be joyful in God’s house. Got my life insurance paid up with Jesus Christ Mutual Life.

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  6. Happy Birthday Seumas, enjoy every minute of it. It’ll be here again next week.

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  7. Happy birthday, Seumas, and many, many more. Don’t settle for a rocking chair and you’ll rock on for a long, long time yet.

    I got stuck on 24 and have been for years. 😀 😀 😀

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  8. Happy Birthday Seumas. We’ll never grow old in such company, just wittier and unwiser with years.

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  9. Happy Birthday, Seumas!!! Hope it’s grande!!

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  10. Happy Birthday, Seumas! I believe in that saying, “Growing older is inevitable. Growing up is optionable.” In your case you seem to be beating the “growing older” part. Hold on tight to whatever age you choose. I thoroughly believe some of us age slower than others. Best of everything! 🙂 🙂

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  11. I find that the older I become the more outrageous my behaviour and the less I care.As a teenager and young thing I was very worried about what other people thought. Now I really don’t care. I firmly believe that while getting old is, unfortunately, compulsory, age is a state of mind.



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  12. Happy Birthday Seumas!! Age is just a number. However, I am subtracting a year every year now!! It is kinda like wine…better with age!!

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    You’re so effervescent! Have never known you when you effervuscent! 🙂

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