…Honesty in Advertising… Authors’ cover pages… WHO ACTUALLY wrote it?…

…yesterday, I had an interesting exchange of comment with my good friend, terrific Authoress, Carol Hedges, during which an idea surfaced about who actually writes the masterpieces we produce?… of course, the fingers tapping away at the laptop belong to this ol’ Jurassic… but lots of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land may agree with me, that so often… p’raps too often… the characters themselves take over… the narrative runs away in directions yeez had never intended as the author of yer stuff… and the daft ideas (of which I have gazillions, believe me!) began to creep in about ‘Honesty in Advertising… Authors’ cover pages… WHO ACTUALLY wrote it?’… at present my books’ cover pages carry my strap line, SEUMAS GALLACHER, ( see below) as the ascribed scribe, but how difficult would it be to list instead, all the main cast list on the front page as the real authors as per the characters’ constant meetings in my head?… another angle pops up— so much of the material in my crime thrillers comes from listening to the 24/7 cable news channels, and then simply changing the names to protect the guilty… so an alternative Author title cover page would carry a directory listing of all the news channels on my television set… it all becomes a bit surreal… and thinking of which, how can I list my subconscious mind as the Author?… ‘coz so much comes blurting out early in the morning after ‘sleeping on it’ … I could see a future book having more content as the ‘Author Title’ than the book content itself… as yeez can see, this ‘honesty in advertising’ gig is not as straight-forward as it seems… suffice then, merely to direct yeez to the current cover pages, and let yeez make yer own minds up… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!







UK: http://amzn.to/Qq2c3y

US: http://amzn.to/1lt6bcv



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17 responses to “…Honesty in Advertising… Authors’ cover pages… WHO ACTUALLY wrote it?…

  1. Yep, then throw in the genetic memories we all apprently carry too… the credits would be endless 🙂

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  2. (throws paws up and confesses) Yes, my books are almost entirely written by my characters who sometimes remind me of people I have met or scenes I have witnessed. Iamo is especially helpful as he is “unseen editor” and tuts at my grammatical mistakes.

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  3. Who knows what lurks in our subconscious brains. I think I prefer to remain ignorant of that answer. We collect it until it overflows and comes spewing out onto the page. 🙂

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  4. I just can’t imagine giving credit to several small gods and Big Al from the fish tank.

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  5. My characters often take control of my works and send it off into directions I hadn’t preconceived. But without my physical fingers upon the keyboard, they would simply remain figments of the imagination. So, in that sense, I guess I can claim the title of “author.” 🙂

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  6. Occasionally we organic writers have to do some editing to make the less-than-pleasant stuff fit for public consumption, but for the most part it does feel as if there ought to be “as told to” between the title and the author’s name.

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  7. Reblogged this on Anita & Jaye Dawes and commented:
    I didn’t know your characters could do that, and I learnt the hard way!

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