…Author Miriam Drori… a smashing Guest Post from one of my Crooked Cat Publishing writing pals…

… yeez’ll get a giggle today out of my Guest Blogger, Author Miriam Drori, who proclaims occasional difficulty in understanding some of the WURDS I per’times use in this ‘ere blog… I’ll let yeez into a wee secret… there are even Scottish people who don’t understand what I’m on about, and that includes myself!…


Miriam Indian visa photo


I’m going to start with a question. No, not that one above. It’s this: As an author, do I need an online brand?

What better place is there to ask this question than on the blog of an author who has a definite online brand? It’s a brand that’s funny, witty and… well I have to say that it’s not completely to my liking.

You see, there are a lot of blogs and other articles I want to read and limited time available. I like to be able to skim through a post and decide whether it’s of special interest to me, whether I want to spend extra time on it.

I can’t skim through your posts, Seumas. I need to read them carefully in order to find the words I understand amongst the rest. The result is that sometimes I continue and other times I give up and move on to other blogs. Sorry, but time is precious. However, I’m sure your many readers don’t feel that way and your brand has been helpful.

Clearly, Scottish wouldn’t be part of my brand. But Yiddish could be. I could fill my posts with shmutters and mazeltovs, oy veys and tsoreses. Would anyone read such posts? They’d probably spurn my blog saying, “Don’t hack mir ein tchynik,” or words to that effect.

Then there’s Hebrish (also known as Engrew) which my daughter sometimes speaks. “I’m in a hofaa on yom chamishi, playing the psanter.” Maybe not.

OK, there are other sorts of online brands. There’s Ailsa Abraham and her Bingergread Cottage. And Carol Hedges and her Pink Sofa. What could I have? My Twitter profile picture once had me enclosed by a wall. But that’s too close to the truth to be funny.

Maybe I already have a brand. How many other socially anxious, Israeli, English-writing authors are there? I suppose what I’m looking for is a humorous brand. Am I simply not funny enough for such a thing?

Wait. Here’s the iron. All I need to do is to heat it up and…. No, I can’t. I’m too scared!


…thank you for the post, Miriam

…now the rest of yeez can have a peek at her novel on Kindle, NEITHER HERE NOR THERE:


…available on  AmazonSmashwordsCrooked CatBook Depository.

…and follow m’Lady Miriam on the SOSYAL NETWURKS thus:

…she avers she can be found on my websiteTwitter and Facebook.

…see yeez later…LUV YEEZ!…



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25 responses to “…Author Miriam Drori… a smashing Guest Post from one of my Crooked Cat Publishing writing pals…

  1. Thank you for having me, Seumas! And don’t let me put you off your wurds.

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  2. NIce to meet you Miriam. Maybe not having a brand is a brand

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  3. Hello Miriam. Nice to meet you. Thanks Miriam and Seumas for another great blog.

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  4. Great guest post, and Neither Here Nor There looks fascinating! In fact, I’ve just bought a copy and can’t wait to read it. Thanks so much to both of you for this wonderful introduction.

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  5. Great post – because I’m now really interested in both you and your books, Miriam!

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  7. Wonderful. So nice to meet Miriam too. Happy New Year to you both. 😀

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  8. cheers, Teagan :):) Happy New Year to you too, m’Lady:)

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