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…thanks for the trigger for the Post, m’Lady, Barbara Laffin…

…many a jest has spawned some serious discussion.. my great Facebook pal, Barbara Laffin and I constantly exchange banter, and yesterday, this appeared on her wall:

From Barbara Laffin: “A question to my literary friends…… in that, I mean you bug*ers who read/write books…… who inspires you??”


…it got me thinking about it, coz it’s not sum’thing I’d focused on before… my instant response was, “these days, anything and everything…. I just LUV IT! the whole feckin nine yards of it… the entire package…thinking of story  ideas, getting them into form, then the SOSYAL NETWURKS gig…with all its bells and whistles and pals”… further to that, yeez may be surprised to learn that there was no specific person to whom I can point as the catalyst for my scribbling… as many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who honour me by following this wee blog’ll be aware, it just occurred to me about six years ago, that it was ‘just time’ to get cracking and write ‘that book’ we all supposedly have in us… the rest as they say, is history (albeit fairly recent history, but history it is)…. of course, I have some favourite quill-scrapers from times gone by, notably Steinbeck, Dickens, O’Hara, Ruark and even Sir Winnie Churchill… but I’m not so dumb as to attempt to compare my masterpieces with emb’dy else’s… my fervent desire is to have my own WURK stand on its own merit, and thus far, a loyal readership has signalled their approval of my ‘umble efforts… so, rather than ‘inspiration’, my gut sense is that this ol’ Jurassic has been fortunate in acquiring from who-knows-where a decided passion for the whole thing…


…the creative stuff is a lot of fun… but equally so is the interaction with my pals like the irrepressible, if sum’time even  irreverent Lady, Barbara… over to the rest of yeez Bloggers/Writers… what inspires yeez?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…Authors …hello!… is it me you’re looking for?…

…2014 has been a magnificent twelve months for this ol’ Jurassic writer… and as the dawn of 2015 lurks, I’m acutely aware of how ‘comfortable’ I now ‘wear’ my dual hats of ‘Author’ and ‘Blogger’… ‘fess up time… I’ve been blessed with more good fortune than some, with the manner in which my wee Jack Calder crime thriller series has seen aggregate downloads/sales exceeding 80,000 over the past four years…all on the self-publishing channel that is the Great God Amazon Kindle… comes now the next natural step in the development of my ‘writing business strategy, with the contractual engagements with the wunnerful folks over at Crooked Cat Publishing, Stephanie and Laurence Patterson… I’m excited with the prospect of the re-launch of all my fiction titles through the good graces of their splendid Publishing House… mid-February 2015 is the penned-in date for the first blast… and here’s the beauty of it… the excellent hybrid offerings from Crooked Cat straddle the eBook market, with which I’m familiar, and adds the prospect of print outlets also…. great stuff… but the blogging element continues apace… and I’ll let yeez into a wee (non)-secret… as a contracted quill-scraper, I fully expect to be as much involved in the promotional aspects of the business as I have been up until now… and that’s fabulous!… coz, without the blog and the attendant SOSYAL NETWURK drumbeat, the chances of being ‘heard above the noise’ are minimal at best… if readers don’t know where to find yeez… if readers don’t know about yer masterpieces… if readers don’t learn about YERSELVES as persons, yeez are doing yerselves an injustice… I recently published a short thing-y that covers how this old turtle has managed to use just a handful of the virtual access channels (I’m too busy to do more than a few, so I selected those that I could (sort of) understand, and went with these)… let people know where to find yeez… as Lionel says above, …hello!… is it me you’re looking for?… the guide, SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES is clocked below…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!







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…Auto Incorrect… the harbinger of the new age spelling conflict…

…an old chestnut goes sum’thing like this, ‘the first sign of lunacy, is hair on the palm of yer hands… and the second sign is looking for the hair’… be that as it may, I think a stronger case for provable imbecility is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome… this ol’ scribbler is the first to admit… I put my hand up… this latter evidence of madness applies to me in spades… and it’s also got a wee bit to do with the irrefutable fact that I may be the last of the computer Jurassics… as some of yeez know, I’ve been seen to do a lap of honour if my computer lights up when I switch it on… there’s this built-in application thing-y which supposedly corrects yer stuff if, Heaven forfend, yeez should ever type a WURD wrong…


…add to the confusion the complete inability of that Auto Incorrect to distinguish when yeez are writing in English English and not in the lingua franca of the nation that spawned the software… ‘MerikaAmerican-English like what she is spoke on television from across the Pond… I’m well aware that the application chooses/prefers/thrusts-upon-me/gives-me-no-choice but to accept its version… but, decades of built-in pedagogue discipline in Scottish literary and grammatical  education cause me instinctively to reach for my well-worn dictionary to check the spelling… no, Mabel, I will not use the application on Google to check that, coz’ them computer application basta*ds are all in cahoots inside my laptop… I change the American-English back into that which Her Britannic Majesty would find acceptable and type on… and, of course, before too much time elapses, along comes an iteration of the offending WURD


…a sharp intake of breath, a stretch for the dictionary, and off we go again… I know, I know, I know… I should’ve learned by now just to rise above it… I should’ve learned by now to let the disputive letters remain as they are… I should’ve learned by now to carry on with the rest of my quill-scraping life… and here’s sum’thing I wonder, do my Author pals from ’Merika have the same Auto Incorrect issues to deal with …in reverse?… I’m off to look for the hair on the palm of my hands now… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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… ‘Well Done’… prob’ly the two most motivational WURDS ever…


…one of this ol’ Jurassic’s greatest pleasures is transforming into a couch potato at the weekends and midweek when the English Premier League football games are screened live here to the Middle East… and today, as part of the television previews of the Boxing Day matches, a feature called ‘Meet The Boss’ featured one of my favourite footballing characters, Harry RedknappLUV ‘IM or HATE ’IM, he’s always interesting…


…as a Club Manager over the last thirty-plus years, he’s been notable in transforming ordinary teams into winners… but the biggest thing I took away from his interview today was the simple mechanism he constantly uses… regularly saying ’Well Done’ to his players and coaching staff… even if they don’t win… if they give of their best, that’s all he asks… let me flip that on to our own quill-scrapers’ metier… it’s widely accepted that being a writer is a pretty lonesome trail to blaze… and legion are the stories of the self-worth fragility of we scribblers… our sensitivity to commentary on our masterpieces is so highly personal, how could it be otherwise?… how pertinent it is then, if no-one else sees fit to give yeez the kudos, that yeez should make it a habit to say ‘Well Done’ to yerselves!…


…there’s NUTHIN wrong with believing in yerselves… if yeez don’t think yer WURK is any good, how can yeez possibly expect emb’dy else to think it’s great?… of course, it’s helpful to avoid the boobytrap of ‘delusions of adequacy’ …. but I think that particular Authors’ quicksand is normally reserved for those who go over the top on singing their own praises… that delicate balance of realism is often difficult to attain when yeez are so immersed in yer own stuff… p’raps one approach that I find useful may apply… take yer WURK seriously… take yer writing seriously… take yer career seriously… but for Gawd’s sake… don’t take yerself too seriously!…. ‘Well Done’, everybody… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…10 reasons why yeez might be a Writer or a Blogger if…


…this ol’ Jurassic has opined on here often enuff before now that I believe that if yeez scribble just one WURD of writing or blogging, then yeez are already a Writer or a Blogger… however, should there ever be a need to determine further that exalted condition, consider this… yeez might be an Author or a Writer if :

1. …yeez have frequent committee meetings in yer head amongst yer imaginary characters,

2. …yeez realise these imaginary personages seldom listen to, or follow, what yeez want them to do in yer masterpieces,

3. …yeez initially followed other quill-scrapers’ advice to ‘get involved in the SOSYAL NETWURKS’, and now these’ve taken over vast slugs of yer waking hours,

4. …yeez can often be seen stopping dead in yer tracks in places such as supermarkets, and muttering aloud, ‘ah, yes!’, then pulling scraps of paper from yer pockets with a sticky ballpoint pen and writing down the latest brilliant plot twist on yer current WURK,

5. …yeez have reached the point of considering whether it’s a good thing or not to go visit yer local psychiatrist for counselling to combat yer recently-acquired addiction to checking the Great God Amazon Author Sales pages a coupla dozen times an hour,

q marks


6. … yeez tell people that negative reviews no longer affect yeez terribly, when (not so very) deep inside, yeez want to inflict horrible things on voodoo doll simulations of the (obviously) misguided cretins who penned the reviews in the first place,

7. …yeez are always surprised when yeez look up from yer writing around 10.00 pm bedtime, and find the clock says it’s already 3.00 am and ask yerself, ‘how did that happen? (again!)’,

8. …yeez discover that yeez have more in common through virtual relationships with hundreds and thousands of people around the WURLD than with most of yer ‘face-to-face’ relationships,

9. …yeez swear at yer computer or laptop at least twenty times a week when it takes a life of its own, and denies yeez speedy access to the Internet, and finally,

10. …yeez might be an Author or a Blogger if yeez are like me…LUVVIN THIS STUFF!…

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!





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…Authoress, Jo Robinson… her Book Tour is fascinating.. read on…

Jo Robinson Photo.jpg 1.jpg 2

…a great supporter of this blog, and a terrific writer, my pal, Jo Robinson graces the page today with details of her ‘Echoes of Narcissus in the Garden of Delight’ book tour… enjoy 🙂

Echoes Banner

Donna thought there was something wrong with her. That she was suffering from a mental illness that has caused her husband to despise her, distance himself from her, and cheat on her. She blames herself for the desolate, miserable thing that is her marriage and her life. Then she comes across a book that will change everything for her, and reading it, she discovers that there’s nothing wrong with her mind at all, but that there is something very wrong with her husband instead. Marco, she realises, is a malignant narcissist. A text book case. He has a real and documented mental disorder, and that he’s been controlling, manipulating, and abusing her for decades. The sudden full knowledge of all that he’s purposely done to her enrages her. Not sure how to leave after thirty years of what she finally knows has been intentional mental and emotional abuse from him, and believing that she has nowhere to turn, being so physically isolated, she bides her time.

Then she meets and befriends a group of unusual people who share her passion for gardening, and so begins her journey to escape. She joins her new friends in their project to assist elderly people in old age homes care for their small gardens, as well as secretly supplying those suffering from painful and terminal illnesses with medicinal herb and plant remedies, including illegal plants such as cannabis. As weeks go by, she delves into her memories, relearns what it is to be respected, liked, and loved again, and slowly she formulates a plan to safely leave her dangerous husband. But unbeknownst to Donna, Marco is in serious trouble, and has desperate plans of his own, and absolutely no regard for her safety.

** This is a work of fiction, but malignant narcissists really do exist, and it is a recognised mental illness. Unfortunately, many people never realise that they are involved with a narcissist, because their actions are so demonically bad as to be unimaginable and unbelievable, and so they spend their lives in misery, depression, fear, and isolation. If only by the accidental reading of a fictional story, I hope that this book will help even one person, unknowingly suffering narcissistic abuse, to realise that they don’t have to, and that it’s never too late to start over, be happy, be fulfilled, to love and care for yourself, and be truly loved and respected by others.

Narc12349N1T (2)

Available now from AMAZON

Jo Robinson very recently returned to her homeland, South Africa, after having lived in rural Zimbabwe for eighteen years. Her obsessive affection for the African continent, most humans, and all creatures feathered and furred are what inspire her writing. She is the author of African Me & Satellite TV, the science-fiction/fantasy series Shadow People, and a couple of short stories, which will be free to download from Amazon from 26 to 30 December, Fly Birdie and The Visitation.

To win eBook copies of Shadow People and African Me & Satellite TV, send Jo a message from THIS page.



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No Santa? Says who?

LUV THIS from my big mate, Mac Logan… brilliant piece of writing… we’re all that wee boy, and we’re all that grandpa… and I still believe in Santa, as I know you all do, too…:):):)

by Mac Logan

No Santa?

Santa is realAfter a bright smile of greeting, my grandson’s broad, innocent face clouded with distress. When he hugged me he whispered, through a choking sob.  “There’s no Santa.”

“Of course there is, silly.”

The sigh of relief shared a humbling totality of trust. I said, “we can clear this up later.”


My almost-hard stare made him smile. One raised eyebrow was enough. Reassured, he bounced away and into a world of games, fun and noise.

Truth to tell

After lunch I settled, comfortable, in the battered old chair in my study. He came in, as I knew he would, climbed up the arm and settled against my chest.


“That’s me.”

He started to choke back sobs, but couldn’t constrain them. “There’s no Santa.” I swung him in front of me, a solid young five-and-a-half year old. His nose bubbled and tears washed down his cheeks. I opened my arms…

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