…thanks for the trigger for the Post, m’Lady, Barbara Laffin…

…many a jest has spawned some serious discussion.. my great Facebook pal, Barbara Laffin and I constantly exchange banter, and yesterday, this appeared on her wall:

From Barbara Laffin: “A question to my literary friends…… in that, I mean you bug*ers who read/write books…… who inspires you??”


…it got me thinking about it, coz it’s not sum’thing I’d focused on before… my instant response was, “these days, anything and everything…. I just LUV IT! the whole feckin nine yards of it… the entire package…thinking of story  ideas, getting them into form, then the SOSYAL NETWURKS gig…with all its bells and whistles and pals”… further to that, yeez may be surprised to learn that there was no specific person to whom I can point as the catalyst for my scribbling… as many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who honour me by following this wee blog’ll be aware, it just occurred to me about six years ago, that it was ‘just time’ to get cracking and write ‘that book’ we all supposedly have in us… the rest as they say, is history (albeit fairly recent history, but history it is)…. of course, I have some favourite quill-scrapers from times gone by, notably Steinbeck, Dickens, O’Hara, Ruark and even Sir Winnie Churchill… but I’m not so dumb as to attempt to compare my masterpieces with emb’dy else’s… my fervent desire is to have my own WURK stand on its own merit, and thus far, a loyal readership has signalled their approval of my ‘umble efforts… so, rather than ‘inspiration’, my gut sense is that this ol’ Jurassic has been fortunate in acquiring from who-knows-where a decided passion for the whole thing…


…the creative stuff is a lot of fun… but equally so is the interaction with my pals like the irrepressible, if sum’time even  irreverent Lady, Barbara… over to the rest of yeez Bloggers/Writers… what inspires yeez?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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12 responses to “…thanks for the trigger for the Post, m’Lady, Barbara Laffin…

  1. I wrote in school naturally, and I’ve written long letters to good friends. What started me writing the blog and stories on it was my daughter. She writes some of her own material for her comedy performances and she encouraged me to start writing. On a trip to India, she helped me set up my blog so I could begin. Both my kids helped me to learn how to surf the internet. I’m coming in late to the game, but I thoroughly enjoy it. I used to listen to my dad tell stories of his childhood, and later experiences, and just loved it. He was a great storyteller but didn’t write them down. He even put actions with the words and it was really entertaining. 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Wild and Woolly Wordsmithing and commented:
    Thanks, Seumas and Barbara. Inspiration is an awesome, powerful and amazing thing. Sometimes it’s hard to hear it through the white noise, but wow…when it hits… Today’s inspirations for work needed are: The Phantom of the Opera, the movie Ronin, Robin Hood, Lorde’s Glory and Gore, Two Steps From Hell’s Icarus, Doc Savage and the Phantom (the other one in Purple). Can’t wait to find out what kind of soup comes from those ingredients! Thank you both for being AWESOME!

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  3. Whoot! Awesome question! Have to reblog! You ROCK, Seumas!


  4. As always Seamus you are either totally entertaining or a quizzical mix of thought provoking entertainment. Today you reached new heights by failing twixt the two, and made a third category. (What do you call it when you fall betwixt the twain?) Perhaps a twixain topic sounds suitably convoluted, but I digress. Can you tell I’ve been missing from blogland for a wee while?
    Seriously… my inspiration, like your own can be tweaked by a myriad of things, from a children’s cartoon to Steinbeck or Smith, Wurz or Weis, Smith (so many) even a Gallacher can trip a light fantastic in the grey cells 😀.
    It all comes down to the point in the tale and who has intrigued me. All of this is no answer at all and yet… it answers everything.
    Perhaps my response may signal an end to my sabbatical….its in the lap of the writing Gods.
    Blessings, Susan 💖

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  5. I dabbled in short stories and poems but most of my creative writing were end of year business reports and budgets! However, I got to writing a daily journal as I lost 11 stone 18 years ago and it sort of turned itself into a book in 2000. After that it became addictive – I felt depraved if I did not get a couple of thousand words done a day… I hear that there is a cure for it and might have to take one day if arthritis or carpal tunnel develops…

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