…I think… therefore I think, I think…

…in some of my more lucid passages, (not many of them, admittedly, Mabel), the wee grey cells wander off into little private cerebral pockets, capable of producing some oblique lines of thought… fr’instance, think of the WURD, ‘melancholy’… a coupla definitions for it are— ‘sadness or depression of the spirits; gloom’, and—‘pensive reflection or contemplation’


…I s’pose it’s kinda tricky separating these elements, but my experience tells me that all of them contribute toward the ‘mood’ of ‘melancholy’… and it can be a most powerful emotion… for yeez quill-scrapers, much of the better writing yeez do, in my not-so-‘umble opinion, comes out of the sense of emotion yeez impart in yer scribbling… my own delving into the dark arts of authorship spin around the crime thriller JONGGR… not much room for emotion there, yeez may say… I plead to differ… sum’where along the way, a few instances of raw feelings managed to creep into my books (even my tough-guy characters often tend to go off and do their own thing, including having emotions, despite my  determination that they shouldn’t have them ..sheeesh!)… so, back to ‘melancholy’… in ‘melancholy’, which I hasten to say, I don’t indulge regularly, there can be a freedom of thinking… an avenue to explore that leads my mind at least, to think tangentially away from the  standard… fr’example, people frequently drop the trite phrase ’think outside of the box’, my reaction is ‘finish thinking inside the box first’… and in the artsy arena, I claim to have eyes that can follow a picture no matter where I am in a room… and I produce writing that abstract painters read and say ‘what on earth is this supposed to be?’

more egg


…yeez get my drift?… my wee nudge intent here for yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, if ever yeez find yerselves in that ‘pensive reflection or contemplation’ state, enjoy it… yes, enjoy it… and here’s another thing about it… ‘melancholy’ is a non-group sport… it’s yer own… enjoy!…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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9 responses to “…I think… therefore I think, I think…

  1. Wise words Master Seumas

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  2. I prefer to write humorous or creepy stories to melancholy ones, as I try not to dwell on sorrow. Of course creepy stories can also include humor or melancholy. However, readers tend to love, or at least like, the serious, often melancholy stories. A story of even raw misery like one I wrote recently was popular. So many successful books have been on serious, often melancholy subjects. I’ve found readers often prefer a happy, or at least hopeful, ending though. I’ll end these thoughts with a happy little face. 🙂

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  3. Wise comments, my friend. Melancholy can be painful, but I find it leads to some wonderful introspection and then, maybe days later, insightful words etched into my characters’ thoughts and actions. Think away!

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  4. Another excellent post and oh so true…sometimes you just need to contemplate…though it’s hard to explain to your friends that the story is working in your head while you are apparently staring mindlessly at the wall and drooling…

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