…no, this is NOT a religious discussion… please read it carefully…

…from the start of my dabbling in the WURLD of blogging, this ol’ Jurassic determined not to indulge in the ‘hot button’ topics in its content… that includes religion… now, yeez may think the following is about religion, but please read it carefully and yeez’ll see that it’s not... it’s about people… it’s about behaviour, it’s about respect for yer fellow human beings…and most of all it’s about yer own personal beliefs and dignity… yesterday’s horrific events in Sydney represented the latest in a series of similar abominations across the planet in recent years… it’s also understandable that the usual vitriolic anti-Islamic tirades come teeming out of quarters that really don’t understand that these events have NUTHIN to do with the religion of Islam… I’m not Muslim, but I’ve lived for the last 10 years in the Middle East, and know from tons of conversations and interaction with Arabic friends, that they abhor this behaviour as much as any other sane human being… that some madmen dress up their actions in any religious garb, let alone that of Islam, is too easy a label for the 24/7 Cable News channels to peddle their drama… these madmen are criminals… pure and simple… when the IRA and  their Protestant terrorist counterparties were practising their brand of atrocities in Northern Ireland and parts of Mainland Britain in past decades, very few people or newspaper headlines blamed the Catholic or Protestant Churches …the criminals involved in these incidents were seldom described as ‘Catholic terrorists’ or ‘Protestant terrorists’… that any person wishes to subscribe to a specific religion is entirely their prerogative, and I have no issue with that, in much the same way as I’m entitled to my own personal religious beliefs (of which specifically I have none… I simply consider myself a ‘believer’… a spiritually-centred person, not religion-driven)… my spiritual beliefs do not compel me to feel that murder, terrorism, and mayhem is needed for me to indulge that… and, consider this for a minute, don’t yeez think that the vast, yes, VAST majority of people on this planet share that peaceful way of thinking?


…may yer own God(s) be with yeez, should yeez choose to have them… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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33 responses to “…no, this is NOT a religious discussion… please read it carefully…

  1. There are all types of fanatics. There are a good many Muslims in India and they’re hard-working, peace-loving people. My dad was part Irish and had no use for the IRA. He said they didn’t care who they killed. He said why did people have to be fanatical about religion? There are a lot of fanatics and criminals in the world and many use religion as an excuse. The Muslims were quick to distance themselves from that madman in Australia. Good piece Seumas. We should all try to live in peace and respect each other’s beliefs.

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  2. laurie27wsmith

    I couldn’t agree more Seumas. There’s nothing religious about the madmen in ISL and other terror groups, just people who have found a cause to indulge their own murderous desires.

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  3. Jane Thorne

    Great piece Seumas, thank you. We’re too quick to label because that makes people feel safer, which is ironic. I feel quite the opposite…no labels and acceptance with love. Some people murder, because they hold murderous anger in their hearts and this is sometimes done in the name of religion. Holding murder and anger in their hearts, leaves no room for love. Most of us hold peace and love in our hearts. Love to you. x

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  4. Great bit of scribblin’ here, Seumas, just great. I’ve always held the opinion (quite vocally) that God has the bloodiest hands in all of history. Sure, and I hope you’re right that the “vast majority” of people on this planet are reasonably sane on this subject. Sadly, I haven’t seen much evidence of it. Thanks to your kind permission, I’ll be rebloggin’ this bit over on my own blog!

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  5. Reblogged this on olbigjim and commented:
    Follow me over to Seumas Gallacher’s place for a wee dose of sanity. The tragic events in Sydney are discussed in a rational way.

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  6. You are absolutely correct Seumas. People like the Sydney ‘sheikh’ are criminals pure and simple – as are those now busy murdering children in a school in Pakistan. No religion would condone such behaviour, no matter what some fanatics might say. I’ve always tried to treat people with the same level of respect as I would hope to receive mysel, regardless of income, skin colour or religious belief.

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  7. Well said, my friend, well said!

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  8. Excellent post Seumas. Yes, I think most want peace. Why we can’t seem to get it is beyond me.

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  9. Sometimes it takes people at their worst to bring out people at their best. One thing that happened in Sydney—spontaneously and almost immediately—was the twitter hastag #Illridewithyou. Within hours, over 100-thousand people had tweeted their support and offers of public company (and rides) to their Muslim neighbors who might otherwise have been uncomfortable. (From my daughter, a human rights attorney who does commentary for Vox — http://www.vox.com/2014/12/15/7393663/illridewithyou-hashtag-sydney)

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    • …it underlines what I say in the post…the VAST majority of humanity is gracious… wouldn’t it be a fabulous outcome to a horrendous act of abomination if that ‘I’ll Ride With You’ idiom took off all over the world, not just in Australia?… then get it going for the white/black police/people thing in America also? the world needs to get its soul back… thanks for sharing, m’Lady, Barb:)

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  10. Thanks for writing this Seumas. Well and necessarily said.

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  11. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Very true Seumas… everybody is entitled to their own belief structure as long as it does not include murder, mayhem and imposing it forcibly on others.

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  12. Well said Seumas. If the whole of Islam were the way the news agencies would have us believe then there would already be Jihad. Most Moslems are like most of us. ordinary people trying to live from day to day. The perpetrators of this are a minority of fanatics and fundamentalists which both sides have.
    The West are not without guilt in creating these evil fanatics as the East are not without blame for keeping the Imams of hate in place to spread their evil words.Tolerance and non-interference might bring about a more peaceable world one day one that we will be happy to hand on to future generations.
    Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

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  13. This is a wonderful and thoughtful posting and I totally agree with you on all of the issues you have raised.

    It is simply ignorant for the media to add insult to injury when identifying a terrorist with a religion. The evils of one person or group do not speak for all.

    Well, over half of people on this planet are living their life to its fullest in a well behave and moral manner.

    It is the smallest percentage of the world’s population who garners tragic headlines.

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  14. Hear, hear. It is a criminal offense to kill. No good excuse or reason exists for taking a life (or lives).

    We all want peace on earth for our fellow man. Through respect of each other, peace just might be possible.

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  15. Very good post. Very good view point on the subject.

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