…from all we Authors… to readers, new and established… can’t live without you… thank yeez dearly…


Authorship…I guess it’s one of the few businesses where it’s really difficult, if not well nigh impossible to claim that ye’re ‘self-made’… moguls in other industries may rejoice in that label… captains of commerce, and others through the ages, have come forth to demonstrate the strength of character to build themselves into that designation, ‘self-made’… but for we quill-scrapers, let’s ‘fess up… no matter how exalted yer opinion of yer own WURK… regardless of the beauty of yer expression… the finesse in WURD-smithing yeez may possess… none of it amounts to a hill of beans unless sumb’dy else likes yer production… I wrote on here a while ago, that the beauty of a writer’s WURK is in the eye of his/her readership… whether yer sales accrue in onesies and twosies… or come tumbling in by the thousands… if yer wee masterpieces grace the New York Times Bestseller Lists… and if that lofty almost airless atmosphere of the Nobel Literature Awards sniffs yer book… precious little of it is down to yerself as the scribbler… written WURK requires readers… humility is a wondrous menu item… but taken in modest enuff doses, the taste of that elusive deceiver, ‘success’, can be reached… and should that pinnacle ever be attained, and yeez are asked, a la Oscar Awards, to stand up and thank yer this, and thank yer that… in all honesty yer thanks list would have to be in the thousands of names… of names of each and every person who deigned to pick up yer wee babies and peruse them… of emb’dy who felt inclined and gracious enuff to pen a review for yeez on places like the Great God Amazon’s pages… of Agents and Publishers (whatever they might be in real life!) who trusted yer stuff and helped to get it into more pairs of hands and seen by more pairs of eyes than yeez could ever have achieved going solo… Master Nilsson sums it up neatly for me, and yeez can enjoy him by clicking below:  

…from all we Authors… readers, new and established…  can’t live without you… thank yeez dearly… 



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19 responses to “…from all we Authors… to readers, new and established… can’t live without you… thank yeez dearly…

  1. Your so right, Seumas. I can’t really claim to be an author as I’m only part way through my first draft. I’ve written and published blogs but not a book. So, I guess I’m more of a reader at this point. I appreciate the fact that an author is thankful I’m reading his/her book. As successful as your books have been I’m sure there are a multitude of readers thankful to you for appreciating them. Thank you for that beautiful music. I appreciate that also. 🙂

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  2. Thanks Christine for explaining. I’ve thought of myself as a writer but not an author because I wasn’t published. I’m grateful to you and Seumas for the info. that showed me better. 🙂 🙂


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    Here are two books that you definitely would like to find in your stocking on Christmas morning…..Seumas Gallacher’s best sellers Vengeance Wears Black and The Violin Man’s Legacy- if you do not already follow Seumas here on WordPress I suggest you do for 2015 – quite the ride…

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    To READERS – By an Author on behalf of Authors 😀

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  5. It may seem odd to others, but an author is really pleased if even one reader picks up their tale, explores it, and then smile with “Now that one’s a good read.”….maybe that reader will tell others…you just never know. But just to know you reached someone. Cheers to all writers and readers!

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  6. Three cheers for all readers and writers. One can’t exist without the other.

    Seumas, you have a delightful way of making your point without sounding preachy. The way words dance and weave a picture (your accent is marvelous) is entertainment in itself. 🙂

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