…Written Acts of Kindness Award… my good friend, Author, Billy Kravitz…

Written Acts of Kindness Award

…the friendships yeez build on the Web are astonishing sum’times… yeez get thrown into such a broad, eclectic mix of wunnerful folks… and none more praiseworthy than my recipient today for the Written Acts of Kindness Award… vampire tales creator extraordinaire, Author, Billy KravitzBilly is an amazingly prolific quill-scraper, producing a daily journal of the goings-on of Tomas, who lurks and lives in all the dark places yeez would image any self-respecting vampire to be… however, diarising the escapades of Tomas, doesn’t prevent Billy from a constant support of others in the non-vampira Kingdom… the regular promptings from his pen exhort others to focus on scribblers such as yours truly, this ol’ Jurassic… Master Kravitz is one of so many unsung heroes of all that is good about ‘paying it forward’, go have a look at his stuff, yeez’ll find him around here:


Twitter              : @wilkravitz

Blog                 : http://vampirewonderland.blogspot.com

Facebook        : https://www.facebook.com/billy.kravitz.7?fref=ts

Billy, the rules for passing this Award on are very simple:

  1. You are welcome to give it out as many times as you like, but it is only to be given to a maximum of one person per blog post. If you wish to give multiple rewards, please space the blog posts so the sincerity is maintained.
  2. Introduce the person; say how they encourage, help or inspire you; then link to their work and/or social media profiles. There may be a specific post you wish to link to which helped you. It’s up to you.
  3. Please publicise your award post to Twitter or Google Plus using the hashtag #writtenkindness so that others can find and follow the award winners.

This award is open to anyone to use. You don’t have to receive it, in order to be able to give it. Once you have received it, it isn’t obligatory that you must pass it on.



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3 responses to “…Written Acts of Kindness Award… my good friend, Author, Billy Kravitz…

  1. This looks interesting. Congratulations to Billy Kravitz on receiving the Written Acts of Kindness Award! I intend to check out his blog. Good post Seumas. 🙂

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