…okay, Authors… here’s why I think it’s good for yeez to do reviews…


…every proper craftsman in the WURLD, ever since Noah, who did his Private Navy thing, has learned his trade as an apprentice… no, Mabel, not that guffy Apprentice program with the ‘look-how-tough-I-can-be-on-the-television-shouting-at-people’ executives… but sumb’dy who takes the time, usually a spread of years, to understand the nuances and intricacies of their chosen calling… and with the one-in-a-gazillion prodigy exception, that still remains the best way for yeez to acquire the credentials of yer vocation or profession… fr’instance, I’m a Luddite heathen regarding art…I wouldn’t know a palette from a paintbox… that takes talent… loadsa folks start with a chunk of raw material… the desire to follow a certain path… add the determination to better yerselves… watch and emulate yer accepted superior-skilled proponents… then practice, practice, practice… and when yeez’ve done that, yeez practice sum’more… it’s no different Lads and Lassies of Blog Land when yeez get that pull to join the diaspora of the virtual candle-lit garret-dwellers… we of the writing profession… we who have that unique ability to stare endlessly at an empty page, concentrating until blood seeps from our brow, and then we know we’re  ready to get our ideas onto paper or the laptop screen… part of that Authorial education is observing the masterpieces of others… of our own ilk…

open book

…I do not for a nano-second advocate plagiarism… far from it… but style is an acquired attribute… and by first looking, then seeing, and ultimately observing the best of breed from yer peers, yeez segue into yer own Author’s Voice… it’s the kinda thing that everybody knows exists, but is often difficult to describe, but yeez’ll know when yeez get it… it’s yer own individual stamp, that readers begin to recognise as ‘the way yeez write’… doing reviews is one of the best tools this ol’ Jurassic has discovered to ‘hear’ the Authors’ Voices of those whose WURK I admire… apart from that, I’ve shared here before, I try to download at least one new title each week onto my Kindle, particularly by a new, preferably self-published scribbler, and ultimately if the WURK so merits, put a 4- or 5-star review on to the Great God Amazon pages (less than 4-star, I do not publish)…


…this is my small way for me to ‘give back’ to the writing phenomenon which has already given me so much over the last short 6 years… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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6 responses to “…okay, Authors… here’s why I think it’s good for yeez to do reviews…

  1. Sounds like the best possible kind of help to authors Seumas. I’s a lovely giving-back.

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  2. Good advice, Seumas. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs!

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