27 Author Recommendations for Holiday Gift-Giving …

re-blogging , ‘coz… well, yeez’ll read why :):) enjoy 🙂 and may I be the first to wish yeez all a Happy Thanksgiving 2015 … ye’re welcome! :):)

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No, wait! I didn’t mean you should wrap up an Author and give THEM to your friends, although I’m sure any of us mentioned below are flattered for having been considered gift-worthy … Let’s start over.

What could be better than giving or receiving A BOOK (or several) – at any time of the year and for any occasion? If you’re stumped as to what to give people on your list, or if you’re looking for something new for your own reading pleasure, please allow me to make a few suggestions …

I highly recommend the writing and books published by the following six Authors who have previously been featured on my other blog, Reading Recommendations:

Tim Baker and another book (featuring contributions from 6 Reading Recommendations Authors, including ME!)
Kevin Brennan and another book
Seumas Gallacher
Dylan Hearn and another book
Rebecca Heishman
S.K. Nicholls

But wait! There’s…

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7 responses to “27 Author Recommendations for Holiday Gift-Giving …

  1. Thanks for the reblog, kind sir, and for continuing to be such an important part of the Reading Recommendations community!

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  2. Thanks for the recommendation of my latest thriller ‘Outsourced’, Seumas. Much appreciated.
    Merry Christmas.

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  3. Good to see you’re still out there Seumas.

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