…another slant on Authors’ negative reviews… how to handle them…


…there’s been a spate of commentary recently I’ve picked up on, regarding reviews for our WURKS on the Great God Amazon… when an Author or Authoress takes time to scribble a paragraph or more about a review they’ve just received, yeez can bet yer aromatic backside the review has been less than glowing… it’s funny, I s’pose, the longer my own wee masterpieces have been on Amazon, the less concerned I’ve become as to whether there are a gazillion ‘I-gave-it-5-stars-coz-I’m-not-allowed-to-give it-10-stars’ ratings, and focus more on the actual number of reviews that good folks have taken time to contribute… first and foremost, I appreciate the fact that sumb’dy has downloaded my novels at all, whether as a purchase or as part of my occasional Freebie offerings… if yeez didn’t know it already, Amazon counts any downloads in a Freebie Program as ‘sales’, all of which get included in their mysterious known-only-to-a secret-handful-of-trusted-retainers-who-could-tell-yeez-how-it-WURKS-but-then-they’d-have-to kill-yeez… when people go that extra step of penning their opinion on yer stuff, that takes time, thought, and a considerable amount of courtesy toward yeez… now we get to the punchline… how did they review it?… this ol’ Jurassic appreciates most those reviewers who explain what they thought of the writing, and why... that to me is even more insightful than the 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-star tag they stick on it… eventually, the inevitable will happen to yeez, that a stinker pops up…


…I’ve learned to distinguish the helpful critique from the nasty spit-on-yer-WURK-for-the-pure-bluudy-Hell-of-it slagging… the former I take careful heed of, and if appropriate (and it’s not always appropriate), amend my future quill-scraping accordingly… the daft, dimwitted, deadly, dagger-dumpsters are easily handled… I treat them as if they’ve attacked me… and stabbed with me with a foam pillow… and laugh them off… I‘ve shared many times with some of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, the first time one of my babies landed a 2-star review, it pierced my sweet, sensitive, Scottish scrivener’s heart… I checked on the reviewer and discovered he’d only ever reviewed one other book… by John Grisham, no less… and he’d given him a lowly 1-star… kinda got it into perspective… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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16 responses to “…another slant on Authors’ negative reviews… how to handle them…

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    A reminder from Seumas Gallacher to keep things in perspective when it comes to reviews of your books…

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  2. I find it hilarious, Seumas, that someone would give John Grisham a “1”. The person was probably not enough of a reader to even know who John Grisham was. 😀 I wonder if John noticed it. He’s thorough though from what I’ve read, so he very well might have. Maybe someone he knows told him about it. It just goes to show what can and does happen sometimes. 😀

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    • I’m not a fan of Grisham’s writing, so I wouldn’t read a book written by him let alone write a review. I think it’s much better to say nothing at all about a book we don’t enjoy than to dis it or give only 1-star. I have, however, given 1-star to books I haven’t been able to finish reading for one reason or another (usually due to poor editing), but I never claim the book was bad, just that I gave it a try and discovered it wasn’t for me. (I have written directly to a couple of authors whose stories and characters were great, but the overall editing was poor and suggested they have the entire book re-edited before republishing.) I don’t expect every reader to enjoy my writing, but I do hope that if they do find a genuine problem with it, and not just that the book didn’t appeal to them, they will write to me first and point out my mistakes. And if they truly enjoy what they’ve read, I hope they will recommend my writing to their friends. A personal recommendation is a better endorsement, to my mind, than a 5-star review on Amazon.

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      • …all agreed, Sue… I also will call or contact authors directly and use the premise ’when I started out, some good people pointed out to me that…’, and elaborate on my critique… but even then, of course, some would take exception to that… so I’d merely avoid them in future …:):)

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      • I’m always very careful as to who gets the benefit of my free advice. I approach this as any editor would, trying to help the author with suggestions on how to make their good book better. I would never presume to attempt to redesign into a silk purse something that should never have been published in the first place!


    • …it’s just a wee reminder that reviews are only ‘opinions’ at the end of the day… and if people spend their good money on buying, they have a perfect right to express that opinion—but we don’t have to agree with them. m’Lady, Suzanne 🙂


  3. Excellent, Seumas! 🙂

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    Another great post from Seumas Gallacher on how to deal with negative reviews …

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  5. What timing that I should read this post right after one a friend of mine wrote about a bad review. In his case I thought it would have been better to talk to him in person. Still, critical reviews just because still hurt and are not kind.

    More and more I learn how subjective reading is. Sigh.

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  6. Thoughtful reminder about perspective. We need more of that. Thanks.

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