…stand back, good people, the whimsy is upon me… here’s a wee poem for yeez…

…it’s amazing, and frequently a bit dangerous, to go leafing back through some of yer old records of stuff… I uncovered this wee piece of writing this afternoon, which, with the whimsy upon me, I’d like to share with yeez… it’s all of 50 and 1/2 years ago when I scribbled this… that bluudy 1/2 is always important, Mabel… I was recovering in a small hospital in Oban in the West Highlands of Scotland after having my appendix removed… (some people think ‘my appendix’ should read, ‘my brain-box’, and who is this ol’ Jurassic to argue with them?)… it was in the early, quiet, hours of the morning, sleepless with the post-operation discomfort, and it began to rain… for some reason, many of we Scots find rain, and the sound of rain, therapeutic… p’raps ‘coz we get so much of it, who knows?… I recall as if it were yesterday, the purr of the first drops being blown against the huge hospital window glass, then strengthening into a downpour… here’s the result:




is stealing into mind,

covering now

the wakened senses—

the sandman

countless eyes

has blind

with the slumber

he dispenses.


The sobbing child

its crying ceases,

night is gathering,

thickening fast,

while the tabby-cat

does as it pleases

with the daytime world

behind at last.


The early morning rain


slow at first,

then gathers force

behind the gust—

dry soil is glad

to quench its thirst—

in Nature’s well

it sinks its trust.


Feel the slumber deepen

all around,

see the moonbeams,



in puddles

forming on the ground,


for no-one,

a silvery water-line.



Oban Cottage Hospital, May, 1964




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13 responses to “…stand back, good people, the whimsy is upon me… here’s a wee poem for yeez…

  1. You’ve got a bigger pair than me, Seumas!! I’d rather volunteer for medical experiments in prison than post a poem I’d written in my youth…but then again, your poem is far better than anything I wrote back in the day!

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  2. I think your poem is very beautiful, imaging both the rain and your pain. Rain has a comforting presence in solitude. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Thanks for sharing Seumas. I love beautiful, heartfelt poetry. I think your’s is quite lovely. I think of rain as soothing also as long as I’m not out in it getting my feet wet. I also don’t like thunderstorms when I’m in a house in the woods, as in my youth. Lightening struck so close to our house once I could taste ozone. Someone told me that’s what I tasted. I didn’t know at the time what it was. My mother used to go around slamming windows shut. She hated those windy thunderstorms. You always wondered if a tree was going to come down.

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  4. Chess

    Beautiful imagery!

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  5. Ahhh rain…Your poem captures it very well, from the beginning of a rainstorm, to the ending in puddles. Rain does help a person sleep, especially the gentle ones. Thanks for sharing! Hope there will be more to come!

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  6. rohini99

    Ah! Seumas, my friend, the rain is much venerated in many parts of the world, especially in India. But Oban! Hmmm you sure it was your appendix, and not a wee dram that started this one off? I loved it by the way! Check out something I wrote some time ago: https://bahraincreativewritersblog.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/one-hot-afternoon-rohini-sundaram/

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    • …quite the wordsmith, you are, m’Lady, Rohini… I like this, ‘Angry black clouds clashing their heavenly cymbals with a chorus of smaller kettledrums setting up a regular percussion, interspersed with brilliant flashes of lightning.’… cheers..:):):)


      • rohini99

        Thank you, word-smithing was my trade as a copywriter, becoming a writer and finding my ‘voice’ is where the problem lies.


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