…hearing voices in yer head?… don’t worry, yeez aren’t mad… ye’re just an Author…

…the say the first sign of madness is hair growing on the palm of yer hands… the second sign is looking for it… others’ll tell yeez its hearing strange voices in yer head… if yeez are an Author, relax, that’s perfectly normal…


…when it began to happen with this ol’ Jurassic, it scared the living willies out of me… speaking in tongues… and no strong waters had even been imbibed… years ago, in another lifetime, another universe, really, I used to partake of my own share of the ‘electric soup’, and lively discussions frequently occurred in my wee addled brain box… but when yeez are stone cold sober, and the chatter starts, it can be quite startling… worse still, when the noise level reaches heated debate intra yer novel’s characters that yeez only invented less than a week prior, it does give yeez cause for pause… after a while, the cerebral conversation become rather interesting… another mind-blowing discovery is that yer characters argue with yer own ideas for them… yeez think yeez are in charge of that?… have another think… yeez have as much chance of controlling them as yeez have in herding cats… at a later date, when yer masterpiece is published, some readers will tell yeez, ‘I was amazed at how well yeez managed to introduce all these twists and turns in the narrative’… yeez mumble sum’thing like a ‘thanks’, and remember NUTHIN of how the plot went the way it did… the internal committee meeting of yer main players determined all of that stuff


…the other fascinating bit is when yeez go to sleep with an unresolved bit of the book hammering around in yer cranium… and yeez awake to find that yer solution types itself… yer fingers tap away at the keyboard, but the WURDS aren’t really yer own… yer characters have hijacked it yet again… what’s troubling me now is that I await daily for some lawyer to turn up representing my fictional players, and demanding part of the royalties for the storyline… see yeez later… have to go and chat with some figments of my imagination… LUV YEEZ!



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18 responses to “…hearing voices in yer head?… don’t worry, yeez aren’t mad… ye’re just an Author…

  1. Well Seumas, with all that going on a person is never lonely. 😀

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  2. Maybe we should do like some actors do and live “In character” while we’re writing a book. Mind you, depending on what we’re writing about that could cause all kinds of problems…

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  3. That is so true. Mine fight for page time, or their own story.

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  4. That is so true! Especially when they start arguing and someone in passing wonders why you have ‘that look’ on your face from trying to keep up with what they’re arguing about… But I did learn one important lesson for this situation from Star Wars: “Let the characters win.” Thanks, Seumas! Another awesome post! Slainte!

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  5. I know it’s time for me to write my next book because I MISS hearing those characters talking to me! I gave them a break; toward the end, they were just yammering away. But as you said, they also told me how to twist and turn their story, and they were absolutely right! xo

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  6. Reblogged this on Kev's Blog and commented:
    Inside an Authors Head is an interesting place to visit, but would YOU like to LIVE THERE? 😀

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  7. I do take meds for depression and from time to time they do interview and ask if heard any strange voices. I reply “Oh, no strange ones. Just the regulars ones: Jesus, Lincoln and Chaucer.” It flips em out !

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  8. Such a good post! I do all the dialogue in my head, working it over until it sounds right. But, geez, hair growing on my palms, yikes! Would I have to shave it?

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  9. Great post and very funny!
    Perhaps my dog was thinking she was entitled to royalties the other day after appearing on my blog. She ate the top off my husband’s Jamie Oliver lasagne. I was also wondering whether she was angling for a one-way flight to outer Siberia. She probably wouldn’t mind that in the current heat until the reality sank in.

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