…je talk Francais very bien, thank you beaucoup…


…I s’pose enuff water has passed under the proverbial bridge since the following true account, that merely changing the names to protect the guilty will suffice to ward off a lawsuit for my telling of it… in an early passage in my banking career in the Far East, my immediate boss was a Frenchman… and one of a certain breed of person who wouldn’t listen to what he was being advised …on anything!… (not confined, this, to my Gaul-ish associates, by the way)…


…yeez all know people like this… no matter what indisputable evidence yeez place in front of them, they know different… they know better…they just… just… know!… the kind that tell yeez  ‘when I want yer advice, I’ll give it to yeez’… well, the Peerless Pierre was down to make a business trip encompassing various parts of Scandinavia, principally in Norway and Sweden… his P.A., a remarkably intelligent lady, and one, it must be said, deserving of a long-serving-patience award, offered to draft an itinerary and to order the tickets accordingly… mais Non!… this homme would ‘ave none of it… ‘I ‘ave always ‘andled my own ‘oliday travel arrangements, and am quite capable of ‘andling theez business ‘ere…’ …the outcome eventually became the stuff of corporate legend… it’s not known where the ‘lost-in-translation’ element kicked in ’twixt Pierre’s priceless pummelling of pidgin English and his choice of linguistically-challenged Chinese travel agent… but… instead of a transit passage via Copenhagen, sum’how our latter-day French Marco Polo routed through Amsterdam, got a 15-hour fog delay… and shuttled off to Helsinki


The Case of The Missing Executive became the Talk of the Water Cooler as chasers started to arrive from concerned bankers in other institutions in Scandinavia who had been expecting him… his emulation of the Invisible Man caused not a few titters around the place and even into the Boardroom, where some wag hazarded a guess that the bold Pierre ‘didn’t know his Aarhus from his Oslo’… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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20 responses to “…je talk Francais very bien, thank you beaucoup…

  1. I had a boss just like this… head of a haulage company too… with no sense of direction and an arrogance and ego that refused to listen. One quick site visit had him out of the office the entire day… he made the mistake of finally asking thelads… the drivers… for directions to Alexandra Palace in London.

    Do you know how many ‘palaces’ there are in London to which you can be ‘accidentally’ misdirected?

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  2. Yep, every litter, family and Corporation has at least one Seumas… 😀

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  3. Listening is such a useful skill but not developed enough…I’m sure he learned the lesson…or perhaps found someone else to blame…

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  4. Hilarious. 😀 I hope he eventually found his way home.

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  5. Yes, Seumas, we’ve all know people like this … or should I say MEN like this! Bet he didn’t ask directions, either. And about those shortcomings …

    By the way, should I ‘guess’ at who the clever ‘wag’ was who announced that he ‘didn’t know his Aarhus from his Oslo’? What do I win?

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  6. rohini99

    This post is worthy of a Corpoetry poem! When I create it I shall let you know. Thanks for stopping by at my blog

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  7. rohini99

    Reblogged this on FictionPals and commented:
    From Seumas Gallacher, laugh-a-minute


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