…a trio of crime thriller gems by a 24-carat writer from the Emerald Isle… Authoress, Brid Wade…

…yeez all know by now, I’m inundated with gazillions of terrific pals on the internet… tons of quill-scrapers, and that most precious of breeds… readers… an Author pal, Brid Wade delights me by agreeing to render a Guest Blog piece… a glance through the reviews section on her Amazon-listed Matt Costello mysteries tells yeez I’m not the only one who  admires her WURK… have a peek at what she’s sent me…


I remember, as a very young girl, reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It terrified the living daylights out of me, and I loved it. Likewise with TV drama, movies, etc. Anything that shocked, I was there.

As time has passed, and I’ve experienced the ups and downs of life, I’ve discovered that there’s more absorbing drama in the real world than fiction could ever capture. It leaves its mark in sad eyes, angry frowns, dampened spirits and the reluctant acceptance that ‘s..t happens’. Most people have unresolved issues that colour their lives. What the world needs is an equaliser … like Matt Costello.

When I began the Matt Costello Mystery series of novels, I wanted to redress the image of Ireland as the drug-soaked, brutal culture depicted in hard core crime fiction. I don’t deny that this exists in pockets around the country, but it’s not my Ireland.

So, I created Matt Costello, a clean-cut, kind-hearted ex-cop turned PI. He’s a modern man, a separated father of two, a sneaky smoker and, naturally, fond of a pint of Guinness. His offices, in the Dublin suburb of Fairview, are managed by his daughter, Clare. But his cases often take him away from the capital into rural areas where, because he’s an outsider, he’s likely to meet resistance. However, Matt has a way about him. It manifests in an easy charm and the art of conversation.

In Watchers, the first book, Matt’s brief is simply to visit the site of recently-discovered human remains. The victim, a young woman, has been found in the grounds of a private estate in Kilkenny. Matt’s friend and colleague, solicitor, Dennis Hegarty, wants him to check for possible liability attached to the landowners – his clients, who have lived abroad for many years. Soon it becomes clear that the remains are those of a missing woman, last seen hitching a lift on the outskirts of Dublin. She is one of ten linked to a serial killer. who has eluded capture for many years – one Matt left behind when he resigned from the Force.

Watchers by Brid Wade - 200


This time, all he can do is watch from the sidelines as the investigation gets underway. But, a few question about the estate and its history arise. The answers open up other mysteries Matt’s inquisitive nature can’t ignore. Inevitably, he is drawn back into the hunt for the killer.

New Sleeping Dogs by Brid Wade - 200

Sleeping Dogs is the follow-up novel and continues Matt’s story, introducing new characters, who will re-appear in subsequent books. The third book, Wild Justice was released in October this year.

Wild Justice by Brid Wade - 200

Matt is an irresistibly endearing character. He’s not slick, nor does he have all the answers, but he’s a cool and clever detective who will go that extra mile to bring justice.

…thanks for this, Brid… and fabulous covers, m’Lady!……yeez can catch up with the LUVLY Brid here:



People In ProfileBríd Wade (8/9/2013) – KCLR 96FM


…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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7 responses to “…a trio of crime thriller gems by a 24-carat writer from the Emerald Isle… Authoress, Brid Wade…

  1. Love it! Thanks for pointing up a new series!

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  2. Great review of the series. I wrote those down as I love mysteries..

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  3. They sound great! Thanks Seumas!

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