Man on the Run

…food for thought for we ‘after-bus-sprinting-non-teenagers’ types… from my pal Mac Logan…

by Mac Logan

“Whenever I feel like exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes.” Robert M. Hutchins

I can sprint as fast as Usain Bolt. 

At least it felt that way the other day when I had an opportunity to put my legs through their paces.

When I damaged my medial ligament, a few weeks before, I discovered a new source of pain. The healing was slow, hurting like a toothache-of-the-knee any time it had a spot of exercise.

Ready… Steady…

On the day of my sprint I arrived at the big Park-and-Ride at the north of the Forth Bridge and spotted the express bus to Edinburgh coming in close behind me. For the first time ever, I found a parking space within fifty yards of the terminal. With it came the opportunity to catch the transport and get back on schedule. Only one hassle, walking wasn’t an option? …

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2 responses to “Man on the Run

  1. That’s hilarious but a reality. You can literally die or be injured trying to board a bus in India, not to mention the fact people sometimes are “backed over” and killed. Even on one, you have to watch you’re not pickpocked. Some of the older ones slant to one side. I ride rickshaws. A bus stop was moved and it wasn’t made known. Some poor people were waiting and waiting for a bus that wasn’t going to stop there. The common remark given is “only in India.”

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