…(yet another) daft Amazon anti-Authors ROOL, #127(d), (amended)…

…this ol’ Jurassic may not be blessed with the monopoly of wee grey braincells in the publishing industry…. but I’ll bet yeez a pound to a penny my cranium houses more than the collective intelligence of the whizz-kid geniuses in the Amazon ROOLS and reg’lations division… fr’instance, about a year or so ago I threw some Collections of my Blogposts on to the Kindle wagon, and they attracted some pleasing downloads… until I received notice from Aunty Amazon’s legal beagles demanding their immediate withdrawal… the grounds?… some of the stuff in these publications was already in the public domain… well, of course they were, as each item in the collection had appeared at one time or another on my webpage as a blog post! duh!!… oh, that wasn’t so much the issue… more germane to their demand was that as these were already in the public domain, they constituted ‘free copies’‘so what?’ I hear yeez ask… their reply was the ‘so what’ constituted a price offering ‘elsewhere’ at lower than the cost of the collections, and Aunty Amazon would have to match that lower cost… i.e. zero!… following me so far?… plus, if I didn’t withdraw the collections, any royalties earned to date would be forfeited… and my entire Author relationship account could also be revoked!… needless to say, rather than go through the back-and-forth-debate on the subject, after about four exchanges to explain that it was all my own stuff, I reluctantly took the collections off the lists… never to be allowed to have them back on there again… daft, huh?… the reason for telling yeez this today is that it occurred to me earlier that it might be a neat idea to serialise little slices of my SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES as blog posts… huge no-no!… same deal… ‘freely available elsewhere on the web’… and here was me thinking that Amazon was in business to try to make money for itself and its Authors… silly Seumas!… maybe I’m missing sum’thing, sum’where, in all this… solutions please on the back of a hundred dollar bill to my usual address will suffice… meantime, the non-serialised version is available here (but yeez’ll have to  fork out a King’s Ransom price of around the cost of a Starbucks to download it)… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



UK: http://amzn.to/Qq2c3y

US: http://amzn.to/1lt6bcv



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26 responses to “…(yet another) daft Amazon anti-Authors ROOL, #127(d), (amended)…

  1. “The Great and Powerful Zon” seems to be slipping away from logical thought.

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  2. That’s one reason why I didn’t sign with A Major Online Retailer for digital publishing, but went with the Smashwords aggregator, instead. If readers want an e-book that needs a .mobi filename extension, SW can supply it.

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  3. With the issue of copyright there is a certain part of a book (not sure if it is a 10%) that can be shared. I know authors who publish in Wattpad but will take their books off there before publishing them elsewhere. They offer a sample, so you’d be safe to go by their rule of how much you can actually show for free without getting into trouble.

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    • ..yes it is, but my point is that all the content is already my own work, and if someone really wanted to aggregate it all , they would have to trawl through 12 months worth of my blogs on the web to get the whole book together …blatant nonsense 🙂


  4. The Bezos works in mysterious ways…

    It’s puzzling to me, since short story collections almost always comprise previously published material. Serial rights revert to the author, so assembling the collection is legit, even though readers can still obtain the original sources.

    I wish someone had the cash to challenge this policy! (It ain’t me, though…)

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  5. kathysharp2013

    Timely warning, Seumas. I had thought of publishing a collection of my flash fiction – all from my blog. I’m thinking twice about it, now!

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  6. Does that mean you could leave your books on Amazon if you scratched the posts off your blog? Alernatively, they would let you leave your collections on Amazon as long as they were permanently free? Just trying to follow their ‘logic’.

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    • ..yes, but it would mean going through my archives for the prior twelve months and removing every blog that appeared in the collection.. However, because I share my blogs so extensively, even that may not solve it… dumb, really..(BTW , I had already excised any Guest Blogs, in oder to avoid any copyright or ownership issues in respect of these )… also not sure if I could make my collections permanently free … 😦


    • ….better safe than sorry … you can’t argue or reason with Dumb City 🙂


  7. Sometimes, I delude myself into thinking that Amazon is a (girl’s) author’s best friend. But as your blog post shows, Seumas, it ain’t necessarily so. I have some major issues with the Zon: reviews, Good (or should that be BAD) Reads, not promoting indie authors as well as authors published by e-book publishers, the ‘I-speak-your-weight’ response when you email them with a technical problem which isn’t on the ‘crib sheet’, and their USA-centric view of the world etc. I could go on, but I won’t. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Eejits.

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  8. You will be on a watch list Seumas – once you get over a number of sales for your books which you must have well exceeded, you become one of their ‘earners’. They are trying to protect their slice of the action. With fame comes the Remora fish of the literary world…..

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  9. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    An interesting post if you are thinking of moving blog posts across to Amazon in the form of ‘paid for content’. Their hand in your pocket… along with quite a few others…

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  10. Seumas what can I say, you always amuse me! Very entertaining! Amazon well they need a kick up the proverbial you know what!

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  11. Holy Moly. Really? Thanks so much for sharing this information. I’m still scratching my head, but good to know.


  12. I’m horrified reading this. Darn. I’ve been encouraged to write a book with some of my most popular posts pulled together by subject. I love the idea, but now I’m realizing I may not be ‘allowed’ to…?! However, the ‘good’ news is that I’m not as successful an author as you. Maybe I’d get away with it? Another idea is that if I edit each piece/chapter, perhaps then it would be acceptable. Lots of questions – thanks for bringing up the subject. xo


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