Gentle Heart from Mac Logan

…my great pal, Author, Mac Logan penned this fabulous post today… well worth a read … thanks, Borassic…:) 🙂

by Mac Logan

TESTING TESTING … Seumas wants to reblog this, so here we go.

Gentle heart takes aim …

Gentle HeartSometimes an emotional experience is overwhelming, especially for a person with a gentle heart. Let me tell you what happened to me on Friday morning.

Point blank

One of my grandsons was playing in our lounge. He and his brother have guns that fire missiles with orange tips. He decided to blast our television from close range. The TV rocked and I spoke to him, as one does.

I sat beside him with a deep sigh and a grandfatherly frown. The weight of thoughtful wisdom compressed my creaking shoulders. What, I asked him, might I feel if he broke my television and I couldn’t watch it. I asked him to put himself in my shoes.

Thinking time

He sat back, his mental cogs whirring away. His lip trembled and he started to…

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2 responses to “Gentle Heart from Mac Logan

  1. No one ever said raising children was easy. I followied all the links. These were some of a parent’s worst fears for active children. Thankfully the accidents had happy endings.

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