Book Cover Artist Q&A with Chris Graham the @StoryReadingApe

…insights on one of the champions of the indies universe… Chris Graham.. the Storyreading Ape… he has more than one guise… yeez have to know… yet another excellent interview by Ronovan Writes

Lit World Interviews

RW: You are the Indie Authors best friend. That’s something many people know you as, but there is another aspect of your contribution to the Author world that some are not quite as familiar with. Tell us about how and why you came to create book covers? What was your first one?

CHRIS: My first cover was for the late Steve K. Smy, ‘Shade of Evil’, the first of a new series that Steve intended to publish, this was quickly followed by two more for ‘Evil Under the Circle’ and ‘A Darkness in Amazonia’, unfortunately, Steve died shortly after publishing this last one, however, based on notes left behind by Steve, his son Damien has published one more book of a new Fantasy series (asking me to do the cover and a map) and already has the cover plus maps from me for a second book:



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4 responses to “Book Cover Artist Q&A with Chris Graham the @StoryReadingApe

  1. WOW – many thanks for re-blogging this Seumas – and for your kind comments 😀

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  2. That’s a good blog to keep in mind. I already follow him on Twitter.


  3. … his blogs are excellent, Suzanne:)


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