Goodreads for promoting books … my experience

The Goodreads experience of my good pal, , Author, Susan M. Toy… insightful reading ..:)

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My books have been listed on Goodreads since they were each published. Those books have been favourably rated and reviewed on the site by many members, both known and unknown to me. I have also been a member of the site and list books that I’m reading, have rated them all when I finish reading, and I’ve even written a few reviews. I’ve found several new-to-me authors listed on the site who I have then contacted and subsequently promoted on my Reading Recommendations blog. And I enter the Goodreads Giveaways all the time and have won a number of very good books over this past year or so.

My best experience with the site, though, has been in offering my own Goodreads Giveaways. My first contest was held in Sept., 2013, and since then I have run three more. A total number of 2998 Goodreads members in 26 countries…

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4 responses to “Goodreads for promoting books … my experience

  1. Thanks for reblogging, Mr. Gallacher! 😉

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  2. …ever at yer ‘umble service, m’Lady, Susan :):):) mwaaah


  3. I recently subscribed to Goodreads and can see what an advantage it is to both authors and readers.

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