…Authors, it costs yeez NUTHIN to dream…


…the trusty Webster’s Dictionary offers several meanings for the WURD, ‘dream’… my favourites of the nouns for it are these: an aspiration… a goal… an aim… and in the active verb style: to form in the imagination… as a child (which I once was, Mabel, albeit about a hundred years ago), more time than I care to admit sum’times, was spent in rapt clouds of fancy… the early black and white serial reels at the Saturday matinee cinema shows provided much ammunition for the reveries… before Yoda and his mates invaded the movie WURLD, entranced I was with the notion of Cowboy-ing on the Rio Grande… transfixed I was with my alter ego fighting war heroes a la Purple-Heart-bedecked Audie Murphy… convinced I was of being cloned as the next Flash Gordon interstellar space traveller… nowadays, the dreams don’t end there … part of my living is being a purveyor of them… we all are, as quill-scrapers… spinning fiction as if it represents fact, or at least a passing glimpse of reality… enticing yer readership to believe, or at least for a while suspend their disbelief… ‘to form in the imagination’… first of all in yer own wee grey cells, then migrate them into visions for yer faithful followers… and here’s the pay-off… sum’times, if yeez are really lucky, the dreams come true… If I’d known all them thar decades back the kinda pleasure and thrill it is to be immersed as an Author, I would have dreamt it then, and not waited until comparatively recent times to indulge it… this real WURLD can be a pretty hellish place, and is for hundreds of millions… my fervent wish for them and for all of us, is never to lose the capacity to dream… the aspiration, the goal, the aim


…we owe it to ourselves to be children at heart… the link below, with the silver voice of Enya, encapsulates the dream… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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10 responses to “…Authors, it costs yeez NUTHIN to dream…

  1. True – re-blogged with “Dream on!” on it

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  2. Gawd, Seumas… Saturday matinee? That takes me back…:)
    Lovely post and I agree with every word.

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  3. Many children today don’t seem to get enough time to pretend and imagine and dream. Sadly, in some torn parts of the world they can only try their best to survive.

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  4. Reblogged this on Wild and Woolly Wordsmithing and commented:
    What an awesome post….. Thank you, Seumas! Dreaming makes us what we are!


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