…the beauty of an Author’s writing is in the beholding Reader’s eye…

…telling a story in the movies is so much different from rolling out a narrative in a book… p’raps that explains why so many film versions fall short of the written WURD… on screen, precious little is left to the imagination of the cinemagoer… even the tone of language and delivery of the spoken passages are all scripted a la Director’s discretion… I’ve shared before, I prefer to read the novel before I see a movie theatre production of it… where else, save in his/her scribbling, can one person, a writer, have their wee masterpieces interpreted in so many ways?… growing up all these years ago, I recall some of the most absorbing times in my life, immersed in books, long before the movies caught on to the idea of making a bundle out of their popularity… Richard Llewellyn’s How Green Was My Valley… all of Dickens’ gems… John Steinbeck’s monumental portrayals of life at the rough end in the evolving hardship that once was California and the dust bowls of the American Far West… Robert Ruark, John O’Hara… and all the rest of the literary titans of that era… magical times… conjurers of images in my little brainbox as I read… I remember with great affection watching a live one-man show performance in Hong Kong of all places, by the uber-talented Peter Ustinov


’An Evening With… it was titled… it could well have been, ‘A Lifetime With… …he told an enraptured audience of a time when he was in Africa as a UNESCO Children’s Ambassador… in a small village clearing, in sign language he entertained a posse of young native children with a story of imaginary multi-coloured birds, which he mimed throwing into the air with his open hands and blowing after them as they notionally flew up into the heavens…


…the children, as one, all looked skywards and started pointing to the invisible creatures, shouting excitedly… even in that Hong Kong theatre, I could see these birds… and I’m sure most of the audience also saw them… the art of the story-teller… allowing the listener/reader to concoct the pictures as they pleased… the beauty of an Author’s writing is in the beholding Reader’s eye… whatever I write will be seen and heard and experienced as every individual decides, not I… so I write these things for myself, and read them back for myself, picture the scenes for myself… that way I believe I may have an outside chance of letting my readers share with me… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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16 responses to “…the beauty of an Author’s writing is in the beholding Reader’s eye…

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    Something for Authors to keep in mind … “the beauty of an Author’s writing is in the beholding Reader’s eye” – a very astute observation from Seumas Gallacher!

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  2. Wish I had been there…what an awesome performance that must have been…

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    Have to share this post… A good storyteller is priceless… I give you Seumas Gallacher!

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  4. Scribbling notes. You’re a sharp one.

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  5. I also loved Peter Ustinov. I wish I could have seen him in person. He had such a great sense of humor. 🙂

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