…when yeez are engrossed in yer mobile devices, ye’re not ‘ignoring’ folks… ye’re ‘digitally disengaging’…

…ever since the ‘joys’ of mobile communication devices were visited upon the human race, the correlation with our Darwinian roots have come even more to the fore… more and more of the planet’s populace resemble the three wise monkeys…


…’hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ as that relates to interface with our fellow beings… I heard on the incomparable purveyor of non-news, the SkyNews cable channel, some gobbledegook techie-geek stating,… ‘when yeez are engrossed in yer mobile devices, ye’re not ‘ignoring’ folks… ye’re ‘digitally disengaging’  … what utter rubbish, Mabel… if yeez don’t talk at the dinner table with yer family… if yeez can’t converse amongst yer groups in the restaurant… if yeez are blind to others around yeez at school gatherings, pubs and other SOSYAL get-togethers because the wee electronic bleeper is grabbing 100% of yer attention… then I think the Webster’s dictionary of ‘ignoring’ comes into play…


…of course, there is an element of modern society that believes that, ‘conversation is spoiling the art of good mobile phone texting’… in pretty much the same way in a bygone age, they felt that, ‘conversation spoiled the art of good television-watching’… from this ol’ Jurassic’s point of reference, I’ve observed what widespread damage has been inflicted on the ability of kids to handle mental arithmetic by the advent of the mechanical calculator… and I shudder to think where the general standard of spoken language skills will be in ten years time… and as for spelling, let’s not even go there… by no means do I advocate the banning of devices that obviously bring the WURLD forward, but there’s seems to be sense of balance in it all… so next time I hear that lad telling me folks are ‘digitally disengaging’, forgive me if I just simply ‘ignore’ him… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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11 responses to “…when yeez are engrossed in yer mobile devices, ye’re not ‘ignoring’ folks… ye’re ‘digitally disengaging’…

  1. Sorry, what was that? I was playing Farm Hero Saga…

    You are so right! Just think, when we’re a hundred, Hamlet will say ‘2B or not 2B’, and Mr. Shakespeare will either be rolling, groaning, or laughing his arse off at our ignorance… Can you just imagine James Joyce written in text speak? A young lad sitting with his sweetie at an intimate dinner texting sweet nothings to one another? And what happens after? Will they even know what to do? Wait. That may be a good thing…the world is getting a wee bit over-populated for the resources…. Hmmm… maybe we should promote digital disengaging for the good of the planet?


  2. …ah yes, ol’ Billy Shakespeare … ‘to be or not be’… the man couldn’t get past the bluudy infinitive! 🙂


  3. Molly Ann Wishlade

    I walked into my living room yesterday evening to find my entire family on an electronic device of some sort – whether mobile, iPod or laptop. It’s not ideal but it is how we live these days. My husband was working, my daughter was researching for homework and my son…well, he was playing a game. We do, however, make a point of always eating together and going for a long daily walk, as well as other things like baking together and we read with the kids and discuss books. So, I consoled myself with the thought that it was just a moment in time and that it isn’t like it constantly. And, at least we were in the same room. 🙂 xxx

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  4. Molly Ann Wishlade

    Reblogged this on Molly Ann Wishlade and commented:
    Seumas’ words of wisdom 🙂

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  5. What upsets me are the idiots who take calls in a theater and disturb everyone. They don’t even have the good manners to step into the lobby while they talk.

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