…to all yeez Scots and emb’dy else who likes the haunting beauty of Celtic music… enjoy…

…yeez’ve seen me post stuff like this before… so if yeez don’t wish to listen, just click and move along, folks, NUTHIN to see or trouble yeez here… every quill-scraper has favourite things that oft-times propel them into ‘the mood’ for certain passages of their scribbling… call it yer Muse if yeez like… when this ol’ Jurassic feels the pull toward reflectiveness, it’s the haunting Celtic music that effortlessly transports me there every time… particularly the ‘pipes…and even more particularly, the slow, pibroch laments or ‘yearnings’… there’s a special ‘resonance’ in that music that hits deep into my soul, and I’d hazard a thought that p’raps many more of yeez out there of a certain age feel the same ‘stirrings’… yeez get it with tunes like ‘Amazing Grace’… another is ‘The Flowers of the Forest’… and of late, the current Poppy Appeal features a special favourite of mine, ‘The Green Fields of France’, which I’ve also appended below… the top of the post has a beautiful bagpiper rendering The Dark Island, a tune I learned in English and in Gaelic (the lyrical tongue of the Gods) during my time in the glorious Hebridean island of Mull… whether yeez be authors or not… whether yeez be Scots or not… whether yeez boast Celtdom in your lineage or not… if yeez appreciate music that invites yer slowing down for a wee while and savouring the grace-note skirling of an instrument yeez either LUV or loathe (there’s NUTHIN in between, Mabel), this listen is humbly presented and I ask yeez to join me in stopping the rest of this daft WURLD for a few minutes and just enjoy!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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8 responses to “…to all yeez Scots and emb’dy else who likes the haunting beauty of Celtic music… enjoy…

  1. Seumas, My dad had an English grandfather he thought probably had some Scottish heritage because the family name of Armstrong originated along the border of England and Scotland. He also had two Irish grandparents. My mother had a grandmother with some Welch heritage, so I love Celtic music. I almost cried when I listened to The Green Fields of France. I’d never heard it before.My dad was in the U.S. Navy during WWI. Thank you.

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    • …you have fine heritage, m’Lady… yes, The Green Fields of France is mistaken as an anti-war song,… the composer, a Scots fellow called Eric Bogle, refuted that and reinforced that it’s a song more about the FUTILITY that often attends war, with the unnecessary killing… Arthur Davey’s voice is perfect for it… 🙂


  2. Louise Campbell Feagans

    The Green Fields of France is one of my favorites. I love Celtic music especially the pipes. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Seumas Gallacher shared some haunting Celtic music this week that brought back a memory of a trip to Borthwick Castle where Mary Queen of Scots was besieged whilst visiting and the walls took a pounding. We stayed in the Queen’s Suite and apparently the lady herself has been seen still enjoying the castle’s hospitality. All the guests sat around the huge baronial table for dinner which was of course excellent Scottish Beef – and a piper played beautiful and haunting music throughout.. the hair does stand up on the back of your neck.. I had the chills – I also remember the whisky flavoured porridge the next morning but that is a whole new story….thanks Seumas.

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  4. Both pieces are haunting and tug at my heart. Thank you for the break.
    Top of the morning to you. 🙂


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