…a Soccer Club Manager’s eyesight skills… the Eighth WUNDER of the modern WURLD…


…if yeez ever come back as a housefly, yeez’ll apparently have about a gazillion ‘windows’ in yer eyes… that’s one of the things that make them so bluudy difficult to swat… they see everything… the only other creature on the planet that shares this phenomenal vision trait is the Modern Soccer Club Manager…


…this particular creature of the Animal Kingdom is seemingly imbued with a similar propensity to spot things the rest of we humans do not… I’m a self-confessed couch potato when football is screened on television and LUV IT!… the broadcasting people generally have anything up to a dozen or more cameras covering any specific match in the English Premier League… which, by the way, is a cross sometimes between posses of athletes who can bounce off walls, and groups of ballet dancers so frail that the wind knocks them over…


…at the end of each match, the Managers of the competing teams are obliged to be interviewed live about the game… that’s when the ‘suspension of disbelief’ creeps in… I’ve heard more credible science fiction fantasy accounts… it would appear that these Managers have the ability to see and instantly analyse events 100 yards distance from where they sit, which a referee standing a mere two yards away always misses…


…the most dismal performances by their own super-star-subjects-of-mega-billions-of-transfer-fee-deals are transformed in their vision to the best displays ever seen on a football pitch… the ‘bad luck’… the ‘misfortune’… the ‘undeserved defeats’… are all products of their view of the preceding 90 minutes play… I can only surmise that a Soccer Club Manager’s eyesight skills are the Eighth WUNDER of the modern WURLD… by the way, NUTHIN is ever mentioned of the possibility that p’raps their ‘boys’ weren’t good enuff to win, or even snatch a ‘well-earned’ draw… that maybe their own man-management skills aren’t up to scratch… or p’raps the confession that they themselves are frequent visitors to SpecSavers… be whatever it may, this ol’ Jurassic is envious of the depth of ‘acuity’ and ‘perception’ they possess… I think they’d have a great second career as fiction writers… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!






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3 responses to “…a Soccer Club Manager’s eyesight skills… the Eighth WUNDER of the modern WURLD…

  1. American football at Wembley today, Seumas.
    The world won’t be the same.

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