..an Author’s lot… and wond’rin’ why we do what we do…


… there’s an old Gamblers Prayer which goes, ‘Please, God— let me break even— I need the money’… there’s plenty of yeez out there amongst the Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who all know that feeling well… when yeez find there’s too much month left over at the end of yer salary… or at the end of yer royalties payments… or worse still, at the end of a combination of both… when yeez get the feeling that p’raps yer Muse would be better employed bringing in some moolah, rather than pitching Nobel Prize-winning Literary ideas at yeez… when endless hours and days, weeks and months even, are ploughed into sculpting yer masterpieces… when yer very blood, sweat, and swearing has been expended in the birth of yer next WURLD-shattering epic… and still yer notion of ‘fine dining’ is a shared cheeseburger at Mcdonalds (but with extra fries, mind)… from whence, then, comes the motivation to continue scribbling into the ‘hour of the wolf’, clambering into yer hammock as the dawn breaks, yet again?…


…the old ‘just one more chapter to write… one more paragraph to get done, and then I’ll sleep’ syndrome takes over so often, that yeez get to wond’rin’, ‘why do we do it?’… it’s quite simple, really… it only takes one reader to tell us they LUV our WURK… a single wee squiggle on the Amazon sales page signifying another purchase made… a solitary review—good, bad or indifferent, showing at least sumb’dy cared enuff to give some feedback on our labours… the other answer, of course, which I find kinda hard to refute, relating to myself, is that I’m just plain nuts!… daft as a tuppenny watch… crazier than a tub full o’ monkeys… it’s akin to the loneliness of the long-distance runner… burning the midnight oil when all else is abed, asleep… but, truth be known, we LUV IT!… coz it’s there, Mabel, the as-yet-to-be-published-novel-of-the-century home run… and p’raps even Granny’ll like it… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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12 responses to “..an Author’s lot… and wond’rin’ why we do what we do…

  1. You’re right. The reward of appreciation is at times sufficient. 🙂

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  2. You’re right, Seamas — we do it ‘cos we love it. But it certainly helps to be a bit mad, too!

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  3. Me too, In an insane world, a little loony tune goes a long way. Or that’s what I’m hoping. . .

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  4. LOL! You nailed it! Especially that bit about the Muse. You’d think that with all nine of ’em hanging around here, coming in and out at all hours, painting their nails, washing their stockings in my hand-basin, and eating me out of house and home (and having the brass neck to criticize my choice of brand of beans, on their toast), without so much as a by-your-leave, that the stuff they’ve told me to write would be doing better than it is…. 😀

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    Seumas on THE question asked BY and OF Authors throughout the Universe 😀

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